March 18, 2016

Tether Tug The Toy Your Dog Will Play With Themselves

Alle is a Boxer, a Working Dog Breed which are notorious for their energy and stamina.  She is no exception, sometimes it seems like Alle has unlimited energy.  I could take her on walks and play fetch all day long but part of the problem with that is I need to be involved.  I always want to tap out before her, waving my white flag of defeat.  That is why I'm so glad I got Tether Tug, the dog toy that entertains and occupies your dog themselves!  Did I mention themselves! 

The Tether Tug offers your dog the ability to play when they choose while supplying hours of tail wagging fun!  The flexibility of this dog toy allows it to be stretched, twisted, bent, and tugged in 360 degrees.  Making it a challenge so your dog won't get bored while supplying plenty of exercise and fun.  Supplying your dog with physical and mental health for a happy dog and a happy dogs makes for no destructive behavior.
The Tether Tug comes in several different range of sizes for all sized dogs, from puppies to large breeds like Alle.  Alle has the XL model which is the strongest and most durable.  Durable it is, Alle has been playing, pulling, twisting her Tether Tug for over a year now and it is still holding strong.  She also is yet to be get bored with it, thankfully it has still kept her interest. 

You can add different connectors for your dog to play with for their entertainment, from a knotted rope connector or a rope with a tennis ball.  There is also a braided fleece connector for small breeds & puppies because it is soft and won't hurt their teeth while hanging lower to the ground for easy pulling and grabbing.  All connectors are designed for secure and quick, easy changing.  Tether Tug comes assembled, all you have to do is simply hammer the ground base into a grass area, clear of anything that could be in the way.  Insert the Tether Tug into the base and ta da your dog is ready to tug their hearts out! 




Tether Tug is handmade in Missouri, there is also an indoor version of the Tether Tug which is probably my next purchase for those rainy, snowy days in Pittsburgh.  If you don't have a backyard this probably be a great option for you so  your dog can still get their daily exercise.
Watch video & more pics of Alle playing with her Tether Tug

You can find Tether Tug HERE 

Tether Tug supplied Alle with this pawesome dog toy but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.


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