May 12, 2018

All Natural, Grain Free & Tasty, Only Natural Pet Beef Backstrap Makes Choosing Healthy Chews Easy


Give your dog a satisfying, grain free, single ingredient chew with Only Natural Pet Beef Backstrap.  It is made from entirely grass fed, free range beef and are oven baked for a tough chew that will keep your dog occupied.  Which is great, if you are like me and have very active dogs.  They are highly digestible, safe, chew that helps clean your dog's teeth and promote healthy chewing habits, now that is what I'm barking about.

 Pawesome Facts About Only Natural Pet Beef Backstrap:
  • Made from 100% beef backstrap - completely grain free
  • Oven baked for a satisfying chew that retains taste and nutrition
  • Single ingredient snack made from grass fed, free range, USDA inspected beef
  • Perfect for dental health and promoting healthy chewing habits
  • Highly digestible and naturally high in protein


These Beef Backstrap measures 6 inch. Available as a single, 5 pack, 10 pack or 20 pack.

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Only Natural Pet supplied Alle and Neptune with this Beef Backstrap but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.


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