February 26, 2016

Give Your Dog A Collar As Unique As Them

Who wants to wear the same old clothes everyday?  I know I don't, so why should I expect Alle to wear the same collar everyday? Instead I love the option of changing up her look depending on mood, holidays, seasons, latest obsession and other reasons.  With Saints and Tigers stylish, dog collars I can have Alle wearing something creative and unique.  Saint and Tigers Embroidered Dog Collars are crafted with such thoughtfulness and care.  All Saints and Tigers designs are beautifully and skillfully embroidered directly on before sewing.  Masterfully made with high quality nylon webbing, ribbon and heavy duty hardware like tri-glide metal, D ring and a hard sturdy plastic as the release buckle are sewn on with a heavy polyester thread.  There may be a small blank space on the collar that is used for adjustment.

I am impressed with each of these dog collars design, they truly captures and embrace their theme.  Not to mention they are strong and even thicker then most of the collars I already own.  These Saints and Tigers dog collars have survived Alle's daily routines which are usually strenuous.  What more can I ask for an unique dog collar that is as unique as Alle while being strong for her lifestyle.

All Saints and Tigers collars are made to match standard dog collars but make sure you measure your dog before ordering for a more accurate order.  I ordered the same size as I usually do when ordering standard sizes and they fit Alle like a glass slipper.

Alle had the pawleasure of rocking the Saints and Tigers dog collars: Clover, Cinderella Inspired, Punisher Inspired, Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Zero.


February 19, 2016

All Natural Dog Chews With Super Power To Satisfy Any Dog

These dog chews have super powers to satisfy any dog's palette while being full of nutrients.  Only Natural Pet Super Power Bar Dog Chews are a scrumptious, healthy, combination of high quality Angus beef chews pressed into a bar, for your dog's delight.  Super Power Bar Dog Chews are created from 100% all natural, grass fed Angus beef parts like bully sticks, tendons, cheeks and gullet.  Which makes them extremely healthy, low in fat, while being high in nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids and beta carotene. 

February 17, 2016

Alle Is Loving The Loving Bowl

Change your pets meal time for the better with The Loving Bowl.
The Loving Bowl is designed with a moon shaped slope inside the bowl which allows your pet to slide the food up straight into their mouths.  Not all over their faces or floor like with a traditional pet bowl that forces them to eat at a 90 degree angle.  Which has them fighting gravity, causing them to eat quicker, using their tongue as a shovel.  With the slope in The Loving Bowl, creating a natural 45 degree angle it lets your dog slow down their chewing and savor the flavor of their food. 
All breeds and pets, whether its your rabbit, dog or cat can all benefit from using The Loving Bowl.  Although it was originally designed for pets that have flat faces, Brachycephalic Breeds because they struggle to eat from a flat bowl. 

The Loving Bowl can hold dry food, wet food, raw and even water!  It's a great bowl for water, letting your dog simply licking forward with the slope pushing the water back right into their mouths.  Allowing for more water drinking with less work and gulping.

The Loving Bowl was created by Bill Harris,  proud owner of two adorable French Bulldogs (Brachycephalic Breeds) Lacey and Eva.  He noticed how they would struggle with their food every mealtime.  So Bill created a clay model that solved all his issues and tada The Loving Bowl was born!  And thank dog for that because Alle and I are truly grateful for this product.  I know that your pet would love this bowl too, so I am giving away one to a lucky pet owner!  Full rules for contest below!

February 10, 2016

Puller An Unique Interactive Training Device For A Healthy Dog Inside & Out


If your dog doesn't get efficient amount of physical and mental activity it can lead to several issues like obesity, illness, excessive aggression and disobedience.  Collar created Puller, a one of a kind sport training device, specially designed to develop and maintain your dog's physical shape.  Using Puller correctly can help relieve stress your canine might have, support weight loss and lower the risk of sprains which occurs more in large dog breeds like Alle.  Puller provides the necessary exercise your pup needs with 3 simple exercises, instead of spending several hours.  These exercises develop and help maintain all muscle groups.  All you need is the two Puller rings, your dog and a pawesome mood!

February 3, 2016

Alle Was Nuts Over These Buffalo Knot Dog Chews

Only Natural Pet Buffalo Knots Dog Chews are made with grass fed, free range water buffalo raised without antibiotics or hormones.  This single ingredient dog chew is high in protein and low in fat  Only Natural Pet uses only the highest quality of water buffalo that is uniquely air-dried.  Leaving behind a texture and taste your dog will not be able to get enough of and creating a healthy, natural dental chew.  They will never be happier to clean their teeth and gums when chewing on these Buffalo Knot Dog Chews.