July 31, 2015

Petology Shampoos Combines Nature And Technology To Nourish & Protect

I use specialized grooming products on myself to nourish and protect my hair.  So, why wouldn't I want to wash Alle with a shampoo that gives her the same benefits?  Plus who doesn't want to cuddle next to a soft, good smelling dog?!

July 15, 2015

Alle's Portrait by Kathy Lewis Art

This pawsitively, breathtaking, portrait of Alle that brings a smile to my face every time I look upon it, was done by the talented artist, Kathy Lewis.  Kathy is a gifted, mainly self taught artist whom started painting at a young age and specializes in painting dogs, horses, and pets of all kinds.  You can find Kathy Lewis Art's stunning paintings on her website or by visiting Kathy's exhibits that are regularly on show in the South of England. 


July 7, 2015

Have Your Dog Behaving Like A Puppy Again With RestoraPet

The love for a pet is unbound and we want to make their lives as good and as long as possible.  With RestoraPet it helps improve activity, appetite, coat, playfulness, flexibility and reduction in pain!  Holy woof!

July 1, 2015

Big Pink Bird & Flower Power In Cahoots? #AllesAdventures


I went on my daily yard check to make sure that the Big Pink Bird is in its permitted perimeter of the pool.  Luckily for Big Pink Bird it was in the pool but to my horrification and dismay I found the Big Pink Bird was close to the Flower Power.  Obviously they are in cahoots.  What if they combine powers? Will I be dog enough to fight them off? Will my bite be worse then my bark?  It would be ruff but...oh pawait the Big Pink Bird just floated away from Flower Power.  Are we going on a walk now?