September 24, 2014


The love for an animal is unbound and we want to make their lives better & longer as possible.  Using Rejuvapet it does that and more.  It improves their amount of activity, appetite, coat, playfulness, flexibility and reduction in pain.
Rejuvapet is an anti-aging pet supplement that is approved for all mammals but not fish or reptiles. It has a maximum strength proprietary antioxidant key ingredient Vitalitrol.  Which protects organs and vital tissue in your pet.
Along with Vitalitrol, Rejuvapet also has other key antioxidants that help lower blood pressure, prevent cataracts, gum health, and immune system regulation.

Giving your pet Rejuvapet is remarkably simple.  You apply the dose based on your animals weight and add it to your pet's food, dry or wet.  Or straight from the container like Alle preferred. 

Dosing directions:  Dropper full means the whole dropper not a drop.  Rejuvapet has been tested and proven to be non-toxic even at more than 100 times the recommended dose.  So you don't have to worry about giving your pet to much.
  • Less than 10 pounds-1 Dropper Full
  • 10 to 50 pounds-2 Droppers Full
  • Great than 50 pounds-3 Droppers Full

You can get Rejuvapet in unflavored, beef, tuna, and bacon which is what Alle had the pleasure of trying.  The bacon flavor made her think it was a delicious treat while receiving the benefits.
Although, Alle is a puppy and its not obvious of all the benefits that Rejuvapet is making as it would an older dog.  It is still protecting her organs and helping her have less infirmities.  I did notice a change is Alle's coat, nails and she seemed to not have her puppy "growing pains".


You can find Rejuvapet HERE 

Rejuvapet supplied Alle with a bottle, but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.


September 9, 2014

Merrick Pet Care All-Natural Dog Treats

Ever hear of the saying you are what you eat?  Well that applies to your dog as well.  So if you have the best dog ever why not feed them the best treats ever?  With Merrick dog treats you get all-natural, gluten and grain free, quality ingredients from trusted local farmers, never from China!

Garth Merrick founded Merrick Pet Care with his wife, Susie, and their kids in 1988.  At his ranch in Hereford, Texas with the goal of making wholesome, nutritious food that pets deserve and love. 

Now Merrick brings the same dedication and promise of quality of their dog food to their treats.  New Merrick Treats are better for your dog than any other treats you will find in any pet store because they are all-natural, grain free and gluten free.  They use limited ingredients including real deboned proteins, fresh fruit, vegetables, to deliver flavorful and quality treats.

Alle had the pleasure and enjoyment of trying three of Merrick's Pet Care treats:
  • Power Bites: Soft & Chewy-Real Beef Recipe
  • Kitchen Bites: Oven-Baked Biscuits-Grammy's Pot Pie Natural Recipe
  • Dental Chews: Premium Dental Chews-Mini Brush Bones

Merrick Power Bites are delicious treats packed with power that is ideal for rewarding and training your dog.  These soft & chewy treats are unmatched in quality and taste.  The 1st ingredient is real deboned meat followed by potatoes, peas, potato protein and potato starch.  Power Bites are all-natural, gluten free, grain free dog treats.  Without soy, wheat, corn, and sorbic acid.  Made in the USA with no ingredients from China.

I rewarded Alle with these Power Bites Treats which were her favorite.  She would sit and give me paw without even being asked.  They come in six varieties.


Merrick Kitchen Bites are appetizing, wholesome biscuits that are influenced off of yummy Merrick's classic can recipes.  These all-natural oven-baked dog treats will have your dog drooling.  Real deboned meat is the #1 ingredient and filled with fruits & vegetables.  And of course Kitchen Bites are grain free & gluten free without corn, wheat, soy, with no ingredients from China just USA.

Alle says don't tell Grammy but these treats are pawsome! A slice of Grammy's Pot Pie you won't mind giving your dog to gobble up. These Kitchen Bites come in six varieties.

Merrick Dental Chews are all-natural dental chews that fights plaque & tartar. While your dog snacks on these innovative shapes and textures they are whitening & freshening their breath.  Score!  These Dental Chews are easily digestible and irresistible to your dog. Made in the USA using the best ingredients without sorbic acid and sodium copper chlorophyllin.

So these Dental Chews are a win-win treat. Alle loves snacking on them and it's helping her oral health at the same time.  Which means all around better health and more puppy kisses! They come in five varieties.  Including Garth Merrick's first creation the Flossie.


You can find yummy Merrick Pet Care HERE

Merrick Pet Care supplied Alle with these treats, but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.