February 26, 2017

Crystals Help Our Pets Heal

I love my crystals, absolutely have fallen in love with them.  Crystals just don't heal us, protect us, and help with energy levels, they also can do this for our pets as well!  As some of you may know Alle has been mirroring some of my grief, worries and illness so I decided to lay out some of my crystals in a circle for Alle to choose from.  Just like us, pets are naturally drawn to the crystals they most need.  She was pulled continuously to the Rose Quartz and Blue Lace Agate.  Which is not surprising because I have been wearing a Blue Lace Agate necklace for several months now and pets pick up our chakras that are out of balance.

February 13, 2017

Easy & Healthy Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food From Bravo!

Bravo's New Homestyle Complete Dinners are raw, freeze dried, nutritional dog food, with premium meat that is the #1 ingredient.  With high quality chickpeas, organs, and a generous amount of vegetables and cranberries, natural herbs like sage and turmeric.  Homestyle Complete Dinners' recipes are designed to provide a complete and balance meal for dogs of all ages and breeds.  Freeze dried raw is healthy and convenient, leaving all the essential proteins, fatty acids, all the ingredients' nutritional values still intact.  Leaving a healthy, convenient meal your dog will surely enjoy.

Your dog can pick from three different yummy proteins, Turkey, Pork, Beef, all are grain and gluten free.  Alle got to woof down the Turkey flavor.

To make just mix warm water, pawait 15 minutes and serve.

February 9, 2017

Hi Im Magic Floyd!

Hi, my name is Magic Floyd, I am an adorable hamster that luckily found my way to my furever home.  I was loose in a truck, ate some wiring and BAM, my new daddy rescued me into the pack and their hearts.  I love my new fur family Alle & Bobby and am glad to have them to play with!

February 6, 2017

Bring A Healthy Natural Smile To Your Dog's Face With Barkworthies Root Chew

Did you know that humans and dogs have several health issues in common, including dental care?  And just like us its important to have regular dental care.  Proper oral hygiene can help your dog live a healthier and longer life.  Plus nothing is more rewarding as your dog's lovely smile!  Dogs are prone to getting plaque like us.  And if the plaque is not removed it can cause tartar build up.  Tartar is the culprit for causing bad breath, gum irritation and swelling.  Poor dental care can cause your furry friend pain, illness, infections and even in some extreme cases, death.

So how can you prevent this?  There are several things you can do like:

  • Take your dog to the Veterinarian for routine cleaning
  • Give your pup regular oral exams-looking for swollen, bleeding gums or cracked teeth.
  • Brushing your dogs teeth regularly-using a dog toothpaste & toothbrush.  Or you can simply use your finger and a washcloth.  Just make sure you don't use human toothpaste because they can't rinse and spit. 
  • Chew Toys with bumps and ridges
  • Dry Food crunching on their kibble helps fight tartar
  • Dog Dental Treats or Chews

February 2, 2017

Freshly Nutritious Balanced & Complete Wholesome Homemade Dehydrated Dog Food

With Only Natural Pet Wholesome Homemade Dehydrated Dog Food your dog gets to enjoy a freshly prepared meal that is nutritious, balance and complete without having to wait for the chopping, preparation and cooking time.  Serve as is or simply add water and wait for 10 minutes for a scrumptious, tasty stew.  Made of completely grain and white potato free, with rich high quality cooked meat, and nutrient dehydrated fruits and vegetables, like carrots, cranberries, spinach, and turmeric and chia seeds.