July 19, 2017

Barkworthies Superfood Chicken Jerky Treats Are Drool Worthie! #BloggingBoxers

Barkworthies new Superfood Jerky Treats come in several different flavors and are made with real meat, plus a medley of fruits and vegetables.  They are also rich in antioxidants to support a healthy immune system, and promotes anti-inflammation, dental and digestive health! Wow, now that is a treat!  It doesn't hurt that your dog finds them super tasty as well as being beneficial to their health.  What canine doesn't need that?  Alle and
Neptune got to try these jerky treats in the chicken flavor. 

These Barkworthies Chicken Superfood Jerky Treats are high in protein to support your dog's muscle growth and development while being both grain and gluten free.  They are made with real chicken, cranberries and blueberries, making it rich in vitamins and fiber to support the digestive system.  What don't these treats do?! Every piece is baked to perfection, so it's simply bursting with savory aroma, texture and flavor your dog is sure to love.

This bag was gone pretty fast, guess that means they enjoyed it tee hee!  I tore up these Superfood Jerky Chicken Treats for Neptune and gave them as a training treat.  While Alle took the whole treat to enjoy.

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Here is what Alle and Neptune, the #bloggingboxers have to bark about Barkworthies Superfood Jerky Treats...

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July 12, 2017

Preparing Your Dog For Your Baby's Arrival #MyHappyPets

Zylkene is ideal for pets to help cope with various challenging situations, such as loud noises (fireworks, thunderstorms), traveling with pets, etc.  Ask for Zylkene by name at your veterinary clinic, or purchase it online.

Click here to learn more about Zylkene non-drowsy calming supplements for your dog or cat. This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received Zylkene products for my own personal review. All opinions, text and experiences are my own. If your pet’s behavior changes suddenly in any way, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. He or she can rule out any underlying medical issues as well as make additional recommendations. Consult your veterinarian before giving your pet Zylkene. Follow the recommended administration on the package, unless otherwise instructed by your veterinarian.

Pets are extremely sensitive to their environments and owners, so some unexpected changes can have an effect on them. Such as
bringing home a new baby! It is definitely an adjustment for everyone including your fur babies, whom have been used to getting all of your uninterrupted attention. The unfamiliar noises of a crying infant, changes in smells, new household routine and a parade of well-wishing visitors can make them feel uneasy during this joyous time. When faced with these new situations, pets need to know they are unconditionally loved to make the transition for your furry baby as easy as possible.

I know with us just rescuing our new boxer puppy, Neptune and our baby Star about to join the pack that Alle might be a little out of her comfort zone. Changes in any dog's routine and unusual situations can cause some behavioral problems. So, here are some tips for preparing your dogs for your upcoming baby that I used and found beneficial with Alle:

July 6, 2017

Chewy Natural Dog Chews

Made from only one ingredient, Only Natural Pet Cow Lungs are sourced from the same quality, free range, grass fed cattle.  Making it a yummy chew that is only natural, high protein, low fat organ meat and contain no added fillers, preservatives, flavors, hormones or additives.  These Cow Lungs have a crunchy, chewy consistency that I gave Alle daily.  If your dog is looking for a chew for your dog but they may have some dental issues this would be a great choice.  Alle shared some of these treats with her senior cousin dog, Toby, whom also woofed them down with no problem.  They do have a slight odor but they were woofed down so fast it didn't bother me.

June 27, 2017

Boxer Dog Lessons 101: Teaching Neptune To Dig #BloggingBoxersAdventures

"It is soooooooooooo blazing hot out here!  This gives all new meaning to 'hot dog'."  Alle said with a big huff.
"You are not lying, my sister, this barks." Neptune quickly agreed.
"I got an idea! If we dig it will let us lay in the nice, cool, loving mother earth."  Alle bark excitedly.  Which was cut short by Neptune's puzzled look on his face.  "What's wrong, Nep?"
"What is digging?"  He questioned.
"Oh, only the most fun activity EVER....well besides walks, being cuddled, fetch, eating mom's cooking, oops little drool came out.  Oh, um anyway it's when you sink your paws into the moist, ground and move them back and forth sinking your sharp nails in.  Like this!"  Alle immediately started showing puppy Neptune.
"Ooooo! I want to try!" He yelped before digging in (pun intended).

Stay tuned for another one of the #BloggingBoxersAdventures, same pawesome dog blog, same curious Boxers!


June 20, 2017

Ultimately Fight Fleas & Ticks Holistically

Fight those pesty fleas and ticks naturally with one of Only Natural Pet Flea & Tick Control Kits.  All the essentials put together in different kits to take the guess work out of protecting your pet while being safe for them and you.  You can even buy each pawesome product by itself but this kit takes all the worry and guess work out of it.

It's a jungle out there and I'm glad my fur babies are protected with this Holistic Flea and Tick Ultimate Kit.  Before using this I was using Frontline Plus and Alle was still getting ticks.  So, why not use something that is safe for her and us while actually keeping the bugs at bay?  Alle has been using this Only Natural Pet Holistic Flea & Tick Ultimate Kit for several months now and no, not one tick or flea! Yippee! Also, we just rescued a male, boxer dog named Neptune whom was infested in fleas and flea eggs.  With this kit not one went on Alle and Neptune kicked those pest goodbye.

June 19, 2017

Alle & Neptune Went Bully Over These Raw Paws Pet Food Bully Sticks #BloggingBoxers

Boxers are notorious chewers, Alle is no exemption and so is our new rescue puppy Neptune.  With two chewers I was extremely thankful to give them something natural and tasty to put their chops on instead of anything else they could find!  All 6 inches of these Raw Paws Pet Food Bully Sticks are made from one ingredient, grass-fed Brazilian cows that are free of antibiotics, preservatives, and additives.  So, my dogs can munch away happily and healthy while helping their oral health against plaque and tarter.  They are also 100% digestible and help these two energized bunnies boxers from playing 24/7!  So, needless to say Alle and Neptune were extremely entranced with these chews but lets just ask them directly!

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Here is what Alle and Neptune, the #bloggingboxers have to bark about Raw Paws Pet Food Bully Sticks...

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"Oh, woof everyone!  I found these Raw Paws Pet Food bully sticks drool and chew worthy, with a nice hard consistence.  What did u think Neptune? Um, Nep you are suppose to be barking to our pack about what we thought of these bully sticks..jeeze puppies."  Alle said with an eye roll.