Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Sun Sense For Your Dog

Having summer sun sense is not just for us humans it also applies to our beloved four legged friends.  The sun has been blazing lately so its important to protect your dog from these harmful condition and to keep them cool & hydrated.  Because heat exhaustion can happen at anytime, even in your own backyard.

Here is some Summer Sun Sense for your dog:
Have lots of fresh water available
Although this may sound like a no brainer it is very critical.  Keep several bowls of fresh, cool water. I sometimes add ice to Alle's water which she loves.

Avoid hot pavement
Your dogs paw can actually get burnt from the heated pavement.  If you can't walk on the sidewalk yourself it is way to hot for your furry friend. 

Don't leave your dog in a hot car
Heat from a car is deadly to a dog.  Even with cracked windows a car can heat up fast enough to cause brain damage or even death in just minutes.

Stay inside in air-condition, fan or shade/find a cool spot
Try to have your dog stay inside and avoid the heat in air-condition or a fan circulating room.  But if your dog is like mine and refuses to come in then at least make them lie down in the shade.

Avoid walking in peak hours or if extremely heat
Try to avoid walking your dog for their daily walk if it is blazing out.  But if you do, walk your dog in the morning or evening.  And keep it light with taking breaks if needed. 

Here is some quick dog treats that will help your dog stay cool & hydrated!!

*Cut a banana up & apply peanut butter on top of each piece.  Then put in freezer till frozen.

*Put a veggie or a treat in some water.  Put into freezer until frozen.

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