May 22, 2015

Only Natural Pet HealthTreats Duck Feet Dog Chews

Your dog will go quackers over these HealthTreats Duck Feet Dog Chews from Only Natural Pet.  They are made using cage-free farm raised ducks that are gently dehydrated for maintaining maximum nutrition plus it creates a heavenly crunch that your dog will revel in and is great for dental health.


Pawesome facts about HealthTreats Duck Feet Dog Chews:
  • Single ingredient
  • Gluten and grain free
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Easily digestible
  • Great if your dog has beef allergies
  • Excellent for teeth and gums
  • Made in the USA
The look of these dog chews slightly startled me but Alle was eagerly begging for another after finishing the first one.  I knew Alle would love these duck feet chews because she sometimes eat foods that contain duck and I was right she had no problem crunching down on them.  Even though they lasted only a couple of minutes you could tell she enjoyed the taste and texture of these Duck Feet Dog Chews.

HealthTreats Duck Feet Dog Chews are available in a single bag or a 2 pack.  About 10 chews are in a bag.



You can find these Only Natural Pet HealthTreats Duck Feet Dog Chews HERE

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May 20, 2015

Alle's Adventures: Does This Flower Have Power?


One day this big plastic flower appeared in my (human) grandparents backyard.  Where did it come from? What makes it move out of nowhere? Does this flower have hypnosis powers?!  Of course I had to investigate! 


Stay tuned for another one of Alle's Adventures, same pawesome dog blog, same curious Boxer.

May 18, 2015

Carefully Crafted The Way You Would #InspiredbyCrafted

This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Crafted™, but Doggie Dog Madness only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

I enjoy dibbling my hands into craft projects when I have the time and one of my favorites is crocheting.  I have created several crochet blankets for my family members and friends over the years, my husband, my best friend, my nan (by marriage but I consider her my grandmother), my adorable nephew and Alle.  As I have mention before Alle is part of the family and my world so why wouldn't I make her a blanket with my two hands, love, time and effort.  She absolutely puppy loves her crochet blanket I crafted for her (at least that what I hope and believe).  Alle often carries it around with her as she explores the wonders of outside and she can be found sleeping and drooling on her blanket every night. 

Which is why Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Crafted™ resonates with me because its dog food made the way you would.  I don't always have the time and energy to make Alle a homemade nutritious meal but with Hills new dog food I can rest assured it was carefully crafted as if I had made it myself.

Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted is rare recipes created in small batches.  It all starts by carefully selecting sourced proteins that help build & maintain lean muscle for your dog's active lifestyle.  And vegetables that help strengthen your dogs immune system.  Then Ideal Balance Crafted dry and wet dog food is carefully crafted with care by master chefs whom are completely hands on. 

For Crafted dry food they start by adding oats and parsley by hand then selecting a dough sample they pull and knead to ensure that the feel and texture is pawsitively perfect.  The dough is then rolled out and these craftsmen painstakingly cut kibble out looking it over to establish it meets their high standards.  Then the delectable kibble is baked at 400 degrees.  This non typical but efficient cooking process on their oven roasted dog kibble locks in nutrition and flavor while giving your pup a texture they enjoy woofing down. 

Crafted Dry Oven Roasted Cuisine Grain-Free Herbed Chicken & Chickpeas

For Crafted wet dog food they prepare it by attentively keeping the dry ingredients and proteins away from other broths, flavoring, and starches.  Then the meat, vegetables and gravy is mixed to create a mouth watering stew.  It is then put into a  can to be slow-cooked at 250 degrees to secure all the flavor and nutrition stays inside, delivering a perfectly balanced nutrition dog food with a delicious texture.
    Crafted Dog Braised Salmon Medley with Quinoa

You can find Hills Ideal Balance Crafted HERE OR HERE

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May 11, 2015

Only Natural Pet EcoToys Dog Toys

Party like an animal and turn your house into a zoo with EcoToys Dog Toys.  These adorable Only Natural Pet EcoToys Dog Toys are crafted from non-toxic materials while still offering a durable toy for your canine (that even survived Alle's playing...and drooling).  You can grab one or all three of these entertaining dog toys.   Each one of these unique toy offers a different playing experience for you dog: Petunia the Pig-for chewers, Clarence the Cow-fetch lovers, Montgomery the Monkey-for those tuggers. 

Petunia the Pig
Your dog will get bored with this chew toy when pigs fly! 
Petunia the Pig is made from jute, cotton and a recycled bottle which crackles at ever touch.  Alle would carry Petunia around until the noise of the bottle from her teeth would drive her woofing insane forcing her to lie down and chew on it until falling asleep(thank you Petunia the Pig!).  I also like the ability to be able to replace the recycled bottle when it gets flatten.



Clarence the Cow
If your dog enjoys retrieving their toys then they will be over the MOOn for this dog toy.  Clarence the Cow is created from a variety of resilient fabric and textures like cotton rope, leather exterior, and jute.  Alle likes for me to throw Clarence for her to fetch and bring back.  I also threw Clarence up the steps inside the house for more of a challenge and exercise.  Alle also enjoyed tossing him about herself and chewing on him outside.


Montgomery the Monkey
If your dog goes bananas for tug of war this is your toy.  Montgomery the Monkey is built with a sturdy leather exterior with coconut fiber stuffing and two dependable cotton ropes as loops on the ends.  One of Alle's favorite activities is tug, so she absolutely relished in this dog toy and tugged her heart out.  I like the rope loops on Montgomery because it makes me feel like I am actually giving Alle some tough competition.


I have bought several dog toys for Alle and I have never seen her this obsessed with a toy or toys.  I think she enjoyed chewing and playing with these EcoToys because of the texture and taste of the materials.  Alle was equally entertained by all three of these toys.  The great thing about Only Natural Pet EcoToys Dog Toys are that Alle is still enthralled by them which is different because she usually gets bored after a day or two.


You can find these fascinating and charming EcoToys Dog Toys that Alle is head over paws for HERE

Only Natural Pet supplied Alle with these EcoToys Dog Toys but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.