May 31, 2016

Nature's Logic Provides A Complete & Safe Nutrition

Looking for a 100% natural, nothing artificial pet line that is rich in high quality protein and packed full of natural antioxidants?  Bark no further, Nature's Logic has the first family of pet diets that is crafted from exclusively whole foods and natural ingredients that makes your pet look and feel their best with no synthetic vitamins or minerals.  Providing a complete and safe nutrition your dog will enjoy.

Pawesome Facts About Nature's Logic
  • 100% natural
  • No ingredients from China
  • Probiotic and digestive enzymes are added to support healthy digestion
  • Nothing artificial and no man-made synthetic vitamins, minerals or amino acids
  • No corn, rice, wheat, soy, potato, tapioca or glutens

Alle had the pawleasure of trying Nature's Logic Canine Canned Diet in Duck & Salmon and Canine Treats in Beef Tendon Canine Treats!

May 17, 2016

Hear No Dirt, See No Dirt, Bark No Dirt With earthbath Wipes

While cleaning your home this Spring don't forget that also includes your pets too! I'm a little OCD and I love order, making stuff space efficient and cleaning, so of course spring cleaning is right up my alley.  But to Alle's dismay my relentless cleaning also included her this year.   After using these earthbath wipes Alle doesn't hear no, see no, and bark no more dirt!

earthbath Ear Wipes
These Ear Wipes keep your pet's ears clear of dirt, wax and discharge that can cause infections and even odors.  By carefully wiping the underside and around the ears, making sure not to push into the ear canal.  The wipes are created from some of nature's finest plant extracts with gentle therapeutic and deodorizing properties.  They also contain witch hazel, a natural astringent and cleanser.  Safe for daily uses, safe for all dogs, cats and other furry pets that are over 6 weeks old.

We recently went to our vet for Alle's yearly checkup visit.  When asked about how often I clean Alle ears, I guiltily answered never and that I didn't even know how.  Well thanks to these earthbath Ear Wipes I now clean Alle's ears with ease, on a regular basis.  Her ears are now clear of any dirt so she can easily hear Steve the Squirrel!

April 20, 2016

New Premium Chicken Jerky Makes Me Bark At The Moon In Delight

I'm so excited to announce a new delicious, single ingredient dog treat from Bark At The Moon that has Alle's tongue out and ready.  New yummy, Bark At The Moon Premium Chicken Jerky, are human-grade dog treats made from chickens raised on family farms in America that are raised with no growth hormones or steroids.  The fresh chicken breast is gently dehydrated leaving delicious crisp chicken that is carefully sliced by hand.  Leaving a low in fat and high in protein treat you can feel guilt free about giving your dog or cat.  You heard me cats too!  Our old cat Shadow, I'm sure would have loved these, she loved chicken and would cry until she got to devour it.

My fur pal Mr. Bear from Bark At The Moon said I get to share some new Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats with three of my pawesome followers!  Woof, woof!  Who doesn't love giveaways and you guys deserve it!  Full rules on how to win this scrumptious, dog treat below!

April 1, 2016

My Easter Egg Hunt #AllesAdventures

I hop you all had an enjoyable holiday.  I spent my Easter hunting eggs that were hidden in my yard, my domain, my territory, by a bunny, a bunny of all things....why does a bunny have eggs  Anywoof the Easter Bunny didn't have anything on me, I found each and everyone of the Easter eggs that where scattered around.

March 18, 2016

Tether Tug The Toy Your Dog Will Play With Themselves

Alle is a Boxer, a Working Dog Breed which are notorious for their energy and stamina.  She is no exception, sometimes it seems like Alle has unlimited energy.  I could take her on walks and play fetch all day long but part of the problem with that is I need to be involved.  I always want to tap out before her, waving my white flag of defeat.  That is why I'm so glad I got Tether Tug, the dog toy that entertains and occupies your dog themselves!  Did I mention themselves! 

The Tether Tug offers your dog the ability to play when they choose while supplying hours of tail wagging fun!  The flexibility of this dog toy allows it to be stretched, twisted, bent, and tugged in 360 degrees.  Making it a challenge so your dog won't get bored while supplying plenty of exercise and fun.  Supplying your dog with physical and mental health for a happy dog and a happy dogs makes for no destructive behavior.

March 9, 2016

The Green Monster #AllesAdventures

My hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time I see this Green Monster that creeps out of the basement.  It strikes randomly, sweeping stuff off of the flat, hard floor outside, in my territory!  I tried sinking my teeth into its devilish limbs (that move all of my stuff outside), tugging at different angles trying to find a weakness to defeat this horrendous Green Monster.  But to no avail it lives on to fight another day.  Maybe we should start a neighborhood watch?