June 19, 2017

Alle & Neptune Went Bully Over These Raw Paws Pet Food Bully Sticks #BloggingBoxers

Boxers are notorious chewers, Alle is no exemption and so is our new rescue puppy Neptune.  With two chewers I was extremely thankful to give them something natural and tasty to put their chops on instead of anything else they could find!  All 6 inches of these Raw Paws Pet Food Bully Sticks are made from one ingredient, grass-fed Brazilian cows that are free of antibiotics, preservatives, and additives.  So, my dogs can munch away happily and healthy while helping their oral health against plaque and tarter.  They are also 100% digestible and help these two energized bunnies boxers from playing 24/7!  So, needless to say Alle and Neptune were extremely entranced with these chews but lets just ask them directly!

🐶 🐶

Here is what Alle and Neptune, the #bloggingboxers have to bark about Raw Paws Pet Food Bully Sticks...

🐶 🐶

"Oh, woof everyone!  I found these Raw Paws Pet Food bully sticks drool and chew worthy, with a nice hard consistence.  What did u think Neptune? Um, Nep you are suppose to be barking to our pack about what we thought of these bully sticks..jeeze puppies."  Alle said with an eye roll.

"ABBOLLL AZZG, oh um sorry, my little mouth was busy.  I meant to say it's ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  Puppy love the taste and having something hard to sink my sharp, lethal teeth into.  I also couldn't pawait for momma to open the bag!"  Neptune barked excitedly.

Pawesome Facts About Raw Paws Pet Food Bully Sticks
  • Made from grass fed cows
  • Natural dog chew
  • Fully digestible
  • Single ingredient
  • Minimum odor
  • Free of antibiotics, additives and preservatives

You can find these Raw Paws Pet Food Bully Sticks Here

Raw Paws Pet Food
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Raw Paws Pet Food supplied Alle with these Bully Sticks but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.



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