October 17, 2017

EasyDefense Herbal Shampoo Prevents Flea & Ticks From Biting With The Power Of Nature



Unlike conventional flea & tick shampoos that use toxic chemicals and pesticides that can be dangerous for your pet, Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Herbal Shampoo effectively prevents the biting of insects by using the power of nature.  This EasyDefense Herbal Shampoo is an organic flea & tick shampoo for dogs and cats of all ages, including kittens and puppies like Neptune!  Completely non-toxic, chemical-free and contains no pesticides or sodium, sulfates by using botanical infusion of flea, tick, mosquito, and biting insect ingredients.  Containing a balanced blend of flea & tick preventing herbs and essential oils, like neem, lemongrass, citronella, and patchouli, along with soothing, aromatic ingredients like organic aloe leaf and chamomile.  The herbal and essential oil ingredients in this shampoo infuses with your dogs hair, allowing for flea & tick prevention between each bath.  It can also be used for ever bath because of how gentle it is. 
I love that this shampoo contains some essential oils I use myself on a daily basis and that I don't have to worry about chemicals going on my hands or my furbabies but effective enough to prevent bug bites. 


Pawesome Facts About Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Herbal Shampoo:
  • Completely chemical-free and contains no pesticides or sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates by using botanical infusion of flea, tick, mosquito, and biting insect ingredients.
  • Natural and safe for dogs & cats
  • Nourishes pets skin & coat while effectively preventing biting
  • Completely non-toxic
  • Can be used for ever bath being so gentle
  • Made with herbal and essential oil ingredients


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Here is what Alle and Neptune, the #BloggingBoxers have to bark about the Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Herbal Shampoo...
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October 5, 2017

#BloggingBoxers Got Their Natural Dog Dental Chew On

Alle and Neptune got their chew on with natural, Only Natural Pet Easy Chew Bully Sticks.  They are made from bladder meat from grass fed, free range cattle.  Making them low in fat and high in protein, leaving no guilt on giving these dentals chews to my boxers.  I like the fact that these Easy Chew Bully Sticks are soft in texture enough for Alle's aging gums and teeth, and Neptune's young sore, puppy teeth but yet strong enough for them to still enjoy.  They ate them inside and outside giving me some time of peace and quiet!


Pawesome Facts Of Only Natural Pet Easy Chew Bully Sticks:

  • 100% All natural
  • Made from grass fed and free range cattle
  • Completely digestible
  • High in protein, low in fat
  • Dental chew


Reasons why Easy Chew Bully Sticks are uniquely different to Only Natural Pet's other bullies:

  • Softer texture which is ideal for seniors & dogs with mouth sensitivity
  • Offers amazing dental benefits, including reduced tartar & plaque
  • The gentle consistency lets your dog chew thoroughly, discouraging the swallowing of larger pieces

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Here is what Alle and Neptune, the #BloggingBoxers have to bark about the Only Natural Pet Easy Chew Bully Sticks ...
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September 27, 2017

Natural Pet Stain & Odor Remover That Eliminates Accidents Safely

Accidents happen, especially with a new puppy!  We are so happy to have rescued Neptune but not so thrilled on the puppy accidents.  So, I went to the stain & odor remover that is safe and works that I used with success before with Alle.  Only Natural Pet Stain & Odor Remover is natural while being extremely effective in cleaning and removing those dirty stains and odors.  It completely eliminates some of the strongest and toughest accidents by using an unique organic enzyme blend that attacks the odors and stains from urine, feces, blood, vomit, food, mildew and similar causes.  These impressive enzymes lift and break down the messes by removing and discouraging your pet from marking the area again.  I noticed Neptune never went back to where I sprayed this Stain & Odor Remover.  Leaving one of the most refreshing scents of mandarin oranges and green tea behind!  I love this scent!!  It makes cleaning up those messes almost worth it...almost.

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Here is what Alle and Neptune, the #bloggingboxers have to bark about the Only Natural Pet Stain & Odor Remover...

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September 18, 2017

All You Would Ever Need For An All Natural Complete Gentle Grooming

No more stinky, sweaty dog smell filling the air in this household.  Just the lovely aroma of mild spice from the green tea and the fresh zesty smell of a ripe mandarin orange thanks to Only Natural Pet Pure & Clean Gentle Grooming.  Which has it all, it comes with the all natural Pure & Clean Gentle Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray.  Giving your fur babies a complete all-natural approach to grooming your dirty, smelly dog.  They are all made with plant based ingredients and essential botanical oils that are formulated to naturally clean and nourish your dog's beautiful fur and skin.  PH balanced, tear free and soap free so it won't mess with flea & tick treatments which is very important to me.  It also doesn't contain no sulfates, parabens, phosphates, phthalates, DEA synthetic dyes or perfumes!  Now that sounds like some wholesome, natural cleaning!

Neptune had his first bath with this Only Natural Pet Pure & Clean Gentle Grooming Shampoo and Conditioner!  He definitely

smells, looks, and feels better.  Leaving a clean, softer, shiner coat without having to worry about perfumes or any chemicals that could harm myself or Neptune is all I could ever ask for.  They both enjoyed the Pure & Clean Spray, thinking they were getting a luxury massage with some love and attention.

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Here is what Alle and Neptune, the #bloggingboxers have to bark about the Complete Gentle Grooming...

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"Neptune can review all three products...Me, I will definitely bark about the Gentle Spray!  Because, there is no water involved!  You heard me, NO water!  But it still conditions and cleanses, leaving me totally soft and smelling PAWESOME, ready for love and hugs!  Paws down best product ever!  Spray me down Mom!"

"Holy woof, my first bath!  I found the bath to be a fun, new, exciting experience.  I definitely liked being able to drink the water coming out of this tube thing and it didn't hurt being massaged and loved on.  There was also some yummy scent coming from me after."

The Only Natural Pet Pure & Clean Gentle Grooming contains:
Pure & Clean Gentle Shampoo
Pure & Clean Gentle Conditioner
Pure & Clean Grooming Spray
* You can also get each one individually if you wish.

August 11, 2017

Boxer Dogs Lessons 101: Sun Gazing #BloggingBoxersAdventures

"Oh, yeah!  That sun feels so good and energizing with the cool ground of Mother Earth lovingly holding me.  I could lay like this for hours with no worries or interruptions....Ugh, what do you woofing want Neptune?!  Can't you see I'm sun gazing?"

"Alle, you look funny, almost making me BOL (Bark Out Loud).  How do you do that?  I would like to try."  Neptune asked.

"It is quite easy Neptune.  You simply lay on your side than roll onto your back and extend your long legs for complete heaven."  Alle explained while demonstrating.

"Ok, that does seem woofing easy.  I can do this.  I can do this."  Neptune chanted softly to himself.  Trying and trying again to roll onto his back unsuccessfully.

August 10, 2017

Help Your Pet With Their Diarrhea & Gas Homeopathically

Only Natural Pet Diarrhea & Gas Homeopathic Remedy is specially formulated to help your pet's gas, stool issues, foul smelling, and messy situations that come along with diarrhea and gas.  It clears up minor problems and helps ease these symptoms so you can get to the root of the issues while giving your pet relief without fear of side effects or overdosing due to the power of homeopathic. 
Only Natural Pet Diarrhea & Gas Homeopathic Remedy uses the effective power of homeopathy to confront your pet's foul, often messy flatulence and stool related symptoms, including:

  • Excessive flatulence
  • Foul-smelling flatulence
  • Foul-smelling stools
  • Soft stools
  • Liquid stools
  • Frequent urge to defecate
  • Defecation "accidents"
  • Mucousy stools
  • Traces of blood in stool
  • Intermittent or chronic soft or liquid stools

Pawsome Facts About Only Natural Pet Diarrhea & Gas Homeopathic Remedy:
  • Safe for dogs and cats
  • Fast acting relief for gas & diarrhea
  • No overdosing or side effects
  • Power of homeopathy
It definitely helped Alle's loose stools that she gets ever once in awhile due to her being nervous and her picking up on my emotions.  Glad there is something I can give her for relief without all the crappy side effects.   Also, if you are interested, the usual root issue to most gas and diarrhea issues are related to an emotional issue, often mirroring our own mental state.  As I have said before Alle and I suffer sometimes of diarrhea and here is some key factors I have found related to this.  Diarrhea is often a result of: