January 29, 2016

These All-Natural, Human-Grade Dog Treats Will Be Your Dog's Best Friend

Punk N Pye's Best Friends Treats are an all-natural, delicious, gourmet dog treats made with 100% natural human-grade ingredients.  Baked fresh, they are slowly baked twice to remove moisture because these all natural dog treats don't contain preservatives. No preservatives!  Punk N Pye's was created by Kim LeBlanc Hamilton a 3rd generation family taught baker.  So being a pawesome baker mixed in with being a former fitness model, Kim, cooks with nutrition in mind while delivering a tasty dog treat your canine will love.  Healthy dogs makes for happy dogs and happy dog owners!

Punk N Pye's Best Friends Treats come in 5 scrumptious flavors your dog can try and 2 sizes, Big Bites and Lil' Bites.  They can be broken up into small pieces which is excellent for training.  Or if you want to spoil them, you can just give it to them whole.  I did both with Alle, all she cared about is that they were supplied.  I'm thrilled that Alle got to eat these healthy dog treats that are guilt free and beneficial while still delivering flavor.  If I had to say which ones were Alle's favorite I would have to say Gone Fishin', Chic Chic Broccoli Bonzo and Punk's Brunch Crunch.

January 25, 2016

Alle Couldn't Get Her Fill With This Unique Protein Chew

Only Natural Pet Lamb Leg is made from Australian grass fed, free range lamb.  This single ingredient, deliciously cooked, lamb leg has some meat, fat and tendons still attached to the bone making it irresistible.  Alle was so eager to start chewing on it that I barely got the plastic wrap off it before she began to chomp down.

I like how long-lasting this healthy, lamb leg was, it lasted Alle several sessions of blissful chewing.  She was constantly chewing on this flavorful packed, lamb leg or carrying it around, afraid to leave it out of her sight.  Alle couldn't get her fill with this unique protein chew.  I will definitely be getting her another one shortly to keep her happy and entertained during the winter months.

January 20, 2016

Love A Four-Legged Word


Love A Four-Legged Word...nothing could be truer than that!  That's why I rock this cute, stylish distressed screen-print from funny little dog.  This extremely soft, heather berry colored, T-Shirt shares my love and support for Alle.  I wear my Love A Four-Legged Word T-Shirt regularly, it is super comfortable and I have gotten several complements about it. 

January 13, 2016

Winter Safety Tips For Your Dog


With winter almost here, keep your dog safe and warm, leaving Jack Frost from nibbling on their noses.  Frostbite is very serious and can leave permanent damage that may not appear for a few days.  It's a cold temperature related tissue injury that mostly occurs on paws, tails and ears.  Signs of frostbite to look out for are swelling, blisters or discolored skin.

Hypothermia can creep up on the best of dogs in the cold.  It is when the dog's body temperatures falls below normal and the body is unable to keep up with the loss of heat.  Signs of hypothermia are shivering, whining, groin area is cold to the touch, mental sluggishness and shallow breathing.  Call your veterinarian immediately if you think your dog has experienced hypothermia.

Also keep in mind senior dogs, puppies, and dogs with certain health issues are more susceptible to the cold weather.

Winter Safety Tips For Dogs
  • Bundle your dog up with an extra layer with a sweater or a coat.
  • Beware of salt, it can damage the paw pads.
  • Check your dogs paws after being outside for snow in between their toes.
  • Provide your dog paw protection from dog booties to paw balms.
  • Avoid frozen bodies of water, your dog may not realize it isn't a secure surface.
  • If you go on a walk make sure to use a leash and that they have their ID tags on because dogs are lost more in the winter.
  • If you usually have your dog's hair cut, try to keep it longer it will help them stay warm.
  • Watch out for antifreeze, just a few licks can kill a dog or a cat.
  • Keep your house well heated.
  • Supply your dog with blankets to stay warm.  Alle has several blankets and even a heating blanket that she loves.


January 3, 2016

Naturally Allergy Friendly Dog Chew

Looking for a natural allergy friendly chew for your dog to chew on?  Only Natural Pet Buffalo Ears Dog Chews are a great choice if your pup has allergies to poultry and beef.

These Buffalo Ears Dog Chews are from grass fed, free range water buffalo raised without antibiotics or hormones.  Lightly smoked to maximize nutrition while supplying your dog with a durable texture they will enjoying sinking their teeth into like Alle did.