February 17, 2016

Alle Is Loving The Loving Bowl

Change your pets meal time for the better with The Loving Bowl.
The Loving Bowl is designed with a moon shaped slope inside the bowl which allows your pet to slide the food up straight into their mouths.  Not all over their faces or floor like with a traditional pet bowl that forces them to eat at a 90 degree angle.  Which has them fighting gravity, causing them to eat quicker, using their tongue as a shovel.  With the slope in The Loving Bowl, creating a natural 45 degree angle it lets your dog slow down their chewing and savor the flavor of their food. 
All breeds and pets, whether its your rabbit, dog or cat can all benefit from using The Loving Bowl.  Although it was originally designed for pets that have flat faces, Brachycephalic Breeds because they struggle to eat from a flat bowl. 

The Loving Bowl can hold dry food, wet food, raw and even water!  It's a great bowl for water, letting your dog simply licking forward with the slope pushing the water back right into their mouths.  Allowing for more water drinking with less work and gulping.

The Loving Bowl was created by Bill Harris,  proud owner of two adorable French Bulldogs (Brachycephalic Breeds) Lacey and Eva.  He noticed how they would struggle with their food every mealtime.  So Bill created a clay model that solved all his issues and tada The Loving Bowl was born!  And thank dog for that because Alle and I are truly grateful for this product.  I know that your pet would love this bowl too, so I am giving away one to a lucky pet owner!  Full rules for contest below!

Pawesome Facts About The Loving Bowl
  • No bloating
  • Less gas
  • No more mess
  • No more food on your dog's face
  • Helps digestion issues
  • Helps slow down eating, no more woofing it down
  • Allows greater access to their food

Food there, food there, everywhere is where Alle's food use to be.    She use to love putting it on floor, or taking it into another room to come back to later, always leaving more food on the ground then in her old traditional dog bowl.  Thanks to using The Loving Bowl that has stopped, Alle now eats slower, consistently in one setting barely leaving any food behind.  No more wasting all that dog food and money which is very important to me.  I have also noticed I don't have to clean food from Alle's adorable wrinkles on her face when eating from The Loving Bowl.  I have tried water, wet & dry dog food in this extremely sturdy bowl.  I am so impressed with this bowl that I will never feed Alle from anything else and even took it with us to use for a visit over my parents.  They have dog bowls for Alle when she visits but nothing compares to The Loving Bowl!



For pets 10-24lbs The Loving Bowl comes in human grade ABS safe plastic that is 100% safe for your pet and can hold 1 cup of dog food.  Dogs 20-55lbs, like Alle, get The Loving Bowl in Stainless Steel and is able to hold 2-2 1/2 cups of dog food.

Official Giveaway Rules & Information
  • One random winner gets The Loving Bowl for their pet!
  • Opened to USA & Canada
  • Contest begins 2/17/2016 2:00AM EST
  • Contest ends 2/25/2016 11:59PM EST
  • Have to follow me on Twitter
  • Have to follow The Loving Bowl on Twitter
  • Simply RT my pinned tweet about The Loving Bowl giveaway on my twitter homepage to be entered
  • For an extra entry leave a comment below telling me who would be munching away using The Loving Bowl
  • Winner will be announced on twitter within 24 hours of contest closing
*Get 10% off your order with coupon code "Alle" at checkout!  You can find The Loving Bowl here

You can find The Loving Bowl here

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The Loving Bowl supplied Alle with this bowl but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.



  1. Yoda, our smooshy faced Boston Terrier would be using this bowl if we win. It would likely reduce the amount of air he takes in while eating, thus reducing the farts. So many farts!

  2. BOL! It sure will, good luck thanks for entering!