June 25, 2016

Hi! I'm Bobby The Blogging Bunny!


It has been two months now since I hopped into my new family and their hearts.  I needed a new home and luckily for me they took me in, I now have a mom, dad and a sister dog whom I love!  Yes even my sister dog, Alle

I am very playful, sweet and absolutely love being petted more than anything with food being a close second.  I am a young, three year old dashing, unfixed male and I HOP you will join me on this journey we call life!

June 20, 2016

Alle's Wild For Soft 'N Tasty Wild Boar Recipe Baked Bites


Alle is wild over Caru's new exotic, Wild Boar Recipe Baked Bites Dog Treats which are much easier to find than her ancestors before her that pursued wild boars. 

These Soft 'N Tasty Wild Boar Recipe Baked Bites are made with USDA inspected wild boar that is the number one ingredient in these new dog treats from Caru Pet Food.  Using carefully selected Non-Gmo ingredients and with no corn, no soy, or artificial flavors.  While containing cranberries and blueberries to promote heart health, memory, urinary tract and much more.  Making this a yummy, treat pack full of nutritious benefits that is baked in small batches to deliver maximum consistency, flavor and quality your dog will appreciate, I know Alle did.

June 14, 2016

Who Is That Dog On That Personalized Cushion Cover?! Oh, Its Me!


Alle is my precious fur baby and I am quite the proud mama over this magnificent, handmade, personalized Cushion Cover from Hotchpotch Crafts.  Made with high-quality fabric to display Alle's beautiful face, that brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.  I display it everywhere with pride from our living room, front porch, to the back patio.  At Hotchpotch Crafts you are able to get standard breed pictures on a cushion cover or a personalized cover like I did with Alle's picture.  You also get to select what color fabric you want your cushion cover to be.  I picked brown so it would match almost everywhere I wanted to put it!

June 8, 2016

Mega Cow Tail Dog Chews Makes Alle's Taste Buds MOOve In Excitement

Only Natural Pet Mega Cow Tail Dog Chews will have your dog's tail wagging in delight.  It's an all-natural, single ingredient dog chew made from free-range, grass fed cattle that is 100% digestible with no harmful chemicals.  Gently dried to maximum texture and to keep all nutrients intact for your dog's benefit.

June 6, 2016

Playing Dead #AlleAndBobbyAdventures

"Gosh, I'm bored.  I wish you could play with me, Bobby the Bunny, without this stupid barrier between us." I woofed unhappily

Dropping the delicious carrot he was nibbling on so Bobby could answer.  "Yeah! Why won't mom just let us together?  She is way uncool!  Well, who needs her? Maybe I can chew threw it!"