July 25, 2016

What A Delicious Catch, Premium Wild Caught Salmon!

These new Premium Wild Caught Salmon treats from Bark At The Moon, went over swimmingly with Alle.  Made with only mouth watering, wild caught American salmon that is freeze dried to preserve the natural and valuable nutrients.  Packed full of
omega 3s fatty acids that help support a healthy brain, joints, immune system and maintain a shiny coat other dogs will be jealous of.  So, you can feel good about giving quality treats that are also flavorful and tasty.  Also, a great treat for cats!  What cat doesn't like salmon?!

This is the first salmon treat I have ever seen or given Alle and she is quite happy that Bark At The Moon added this treat to their line of goodies.  I'm glad to add a new healthy treat to her routine with a new flavor she loves.  Alle woofs these down as a training treat, reward, and even as a topper on her dry food. 

Would you like to win a yummy package of Bark At The Moon's Premium Wild Caught Salmon Treats?!


July 20, 2016

Groom Your Dog To Smell, Look & Feel Better With No Water Or Rinsing!

earthbath specially and thankfully formulated this Waterless Hypo-Allergic Grooming Foam for Dogs to groom dogs without the hassle of the water or rinsing!  It is a fragrance-free foam that is extremely gentle but leaves dogs smelling and looking better with no need for the traditional bath.   By effectively removing away dirt, dander, and residual saliva that helps with human allergies to dogs.  Simply, rub on, towel off, so easy, now there is no excuse for a smelly dog!

July 14, 2016

Shark Attack #AllesAdventures

One day I was minding my own tail when I heard this creepy duunnn-dunnn duuuunnnn-duun duuunnnnnnnn-dun dun dun dun dun dun dun coming from behind me getting closer...closer...closer.  I turned around and to my puppy surprise I came face to face with Mr. Shark! Woof!