September 30, 2015

Spring Naturals Delivers A Healthier & Longer Life For Your Pet

Spring Naturals believes that your pet deserves the most healthy, well balanced food that will improve their health and well being.  Using their exclusive, delicious recipes that are crafted using real protein, whole fruits, whole vegetables and whole grains.  While offering grain free dry and wet dog food, made without wheat, corn, soy or any kind of grain. 

September 27, 2015

Alle Hears A Who! #AllesAdventures

One day, while frolicking outside, minding my own tail, ears flopping in the wind, checking to make sure my yard was secure from any danger when I heard a soft cry ring out.  Running over to where I thought I heard the cry come from only to find several wild, purple flowers.  No dogs, or humans anywhere to be seen.  About to turn away I heard the soft cry ring out once more, seeming to come from the beautiful flowers.

How could a cry come from flowers?  Have my loyal ears failed me?

September 21, 2015

These Dog Treats Will Make Your Dog Bark At The Moon In Delight

These mouth watering, crunchy, turkey dog treats will make your dog Bark At The Moon in delight.  While I bark in delight on Alle eating an all natural, veterinarian formulated, human grade ingredients dog treat.

So is your dog salivating for some mouth watering Bark At The Moon Turkey Treats?  Well your in luck!  Keep reading to find out how you could win a package of these turkey treats.

September 15, 2015

Make Bath Time A Walk In The Dog Park

Giving your dog a bath can be a hassle or even an ordeal like with Alle (it's her kryptonite).  But there are ways you can make it smoother and more enjoyable for your dog.

Try some of these tips and advice to make bath time a walk in the dog park:
  • Make sure you wash your dog in a suitable area.  Try to be in a confined room because they might get upset and try to escape.
  • You shouldn't wash your dog more then once a month unless they have a skin infection because it can cause skin irritation.

September 7, 2015

Give Your Dog Optimal Balance Of Complete Health with PowerStew Feasts #PawNatural

Flavor and nutrition come together in the new Only Natural Pet PowerStews canned dog food that offers your dog optimal balance of complete health while offering something your dog will enjoy.  PowerStew is a biologically, grain-free, natural protein food that is holistically created with real meat as the first ingredient! These PowerStews are a salivating, chunky stew, made using quality meat and nutritious, vegetables.