December 28, 2015

Pawesome Packed Pawliday #AllesAdventures

I hope everyone had a safe and pawesome holiday.  I surely did,  packed full of fun, events and family. 
My pawesome, packed pawliday started with my first visit to PetSmart and my first pet grooming experience.  Going to PetSmart was woofing a good way, I couldn't get in fast enough. 
I met tons of furpals (Charlie, Dolce, Bronx) and humans giving me attention.  It didn't hurt that I got to donate to animals in need, got a new jacket, waterproof dog boots, toys, a spiffy harness and got to pick out a new Christmas collar.

December 24, 2015

Let Your Dog Chew Their Way To Healthy Joint Support

With these Only Natural Pet Bullies with Benefits Joint Support your dog will be munching away happily while helping support their joints.  So why not let them chew their way to maintaining healthy joint support. 

Bullies with Benefits Fortified Bully Joint Support Sticks are grass fed, free range bully sticks that are fortified with specially formulated ingredients that offers essential health benefits.  Starting with Only Natural Pet best-selling bully sticks, a holistic vet designed a blend of natural, supplements to support your dogs health.  Each bully is carefully dipped in a formulation to add joint support and to ensure even distribution in every bite.  By using a safe, quality controlled process that gives your dog additional health benefits without disturbing the texture and taste of these dog chews.  Every batch is laboratory tested for guaranteed ingredient absorption and functionally.  The Joint Support Sticks feature an effective mixture of quality ingredients like omega 3, essential fatty acids and glucosamine.

December 16, 2015

Choo Choo #AllesAdventures


What is this moving, miniature vehicle under the Christmas Tree?  It has people aboard, taking them around and around, going in reverse when you least expect it.  Spewing smoke while letting out an extreme loud choo choo noise.  Why is there no Choo Choos around the trees outside?  Is it a special tree?  Because my pine tree in my backyard doesn't have one?

Oh, well can I hitch a ride?  The humans look happy, so they must be enjoying it.

Stay tuned for another one of Alle's Adventures, same pawesome dog blog, same curious Boxer!

December 2, 2015

Rudy Green's New Packaging & New Fish Stew Flavor Caught Alle's Attention & Appetite


Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisines are an easy, fast way to serve your dog real food that is nutritious and tasty.  It is ideal for picky eaters, dogs with allergies or a sick dog.  I try to cook most of Alle's meals but I don't always have the time, energy or ingredients.  With Doggy Cuisines I'm satisfied that I can give Alle healthy meal without the prep, clean up and hassle.  It's home cooking for your dog with none of the work which means more bonding time with your pet!  
This scrumptious dog food is masterfully created in a commercial kitchen in Kentucky using high quality, human-grade products, real meat, vegetables, and whole grains.  It comes frozen and can be thawed in the refrigerator.  You can serve it cold or warm by heating it up in the microwave, apply it to your dog's dry food as a delicious topper or by itself.  Rudy Green's are in clear bags so you can actually see the quality ingredients and any unused portions can be put into the refrigerator for up to three days.