January 30, 2017

Show Your Dog Some Puppy Love This Valentines Day

With Valentines Day right around the fire hydrant here are some pawesome unique items that will have your dog falling head over paws for!

I tagged Alle with love, with Twigo Tags Love Pet ID that is.  Twigo Tags are amazingly quiet, I was looking for a tag but reframed because I can't stand the noise banging and jingling around.  Well this was a dog send for that and being absolutely adorable is just a bonus!  Twigo Tag Love spreads not only love but safety, your dogs safety.  Protect your fur baby with having pet identification incase they become separated from you while being practical and cute!  Personalize your lightweight, durable Twigo Pet ID Tag instantly by simply writing down your personal information, boiling, and enjoying.  Self attaches to any collar, leash, purse, pant belt, I use it on Alle's harness as well.

January 23, 2017

Reversible Gold Paw Series Astoria Overcoat Protects Against Rain

Never get caught in the rain with Gold Paw Series eye catching Astoria Overcoat, perfectly named after the city of Astoria, Oregon which is known for heavy weather due to being near Columbia River and the Pacific.  It is made for strong rain protection to keep your dog warm and dry against anything mother nature can throw at you. The super soft collar gives Alle excellent coverage, it also has a reflective trim which I love so I know she can be seen in the dark.  There is also an opening to attach your leash right below the collar.  Did I mention this waterproof Astoria Overcoat is reversible as well?!  I love that!

January 13, 2017

Spirit Animal Oracle Cards

I love my animals and believe they are a reflection of us, so why wouldn't I have Spirit Animal Oracle Cards?  Which I am really excited to have.  I drew from both decks from Steven D Farmer on different days and this is what I got.  I pulled a three card layout past, present, future.  Although with the Spirit Animal Children Cards, two cards happen to represent the present.


Some thoughts & meanings:
Dog-I compromise my personal integrity through misguided attempts to avoid upsetting or faring disapproval of other people, denying inner authority and giving away my power.  By believing another person or organization is somewhat greater, powerful, or spiritual, I then put myself back into the "victim" role. When we where kids we look to our parents for some sort of guidance, which is human error to continue to project this particular paternal authority on people and institutions.  Because of this I may find myself attached to many masters, leading me to fill fragmented and victimized, to some degree powerless. But by taking off all those collars and letting my spirit be the one true master then I can experience true freedom, true empowerment, true freedom.

Service, helpfulness, playfulness, sensitivity, companionship, protectiveness, faithfulness, loyalty, unconditional love