January 13, 2017

Spirit Animal Oracle Cards

I love my animals and believe they are a reflection of us, so why wouldn't I have Spirit Animal Oracle Cards?  Which I am really excited to have.  I drew from both decks from Steven D Farmer on different days and this is what I got.  I pulled a three card layout past, present, future.  Although with the Spirit Animal Children Cards, two cards happen to represent the present.


Some thoughts & meanings:
Dog-I compromise my personal integrity through misguided attempts to avoid upsetting or faring disapproval of other people, denying inner authority and giving away my power.  By believing another person or organization is somewhat greater, powerful, or spiritual, I then put myself back into the "victim" role. When we where kids we look to our parents for some sort of guidance, which is human error to continue to project this particular paternal authority on people and institutions.  Because of this I may find myself attached to many masters, leading me to fill fragmented and victimized, to some degree powerless. But by taking off all those collars and letting my spirit be the one true master then I can experience true freedom, true empowerment, true freedom.

Service, helpfulness, playfulness, sensitivity, companionship, protectiveness, faithfulness, loyalty, unconditional love

Boar- Dig in and rummage around until I discover how to solve the problem at hand with a relationship, career, or other concern, and take immediate action to fix it by doing this I am fulfilling my purpose of uprooting the obstacles.  There are no problem, only creative possibilities.  By changing my thinking about how I perceive the situation will bring power and confidence.  Open my heart, mind and soul to be more in alignment with the will.  Plus empowerment knowing that thing is by chance when i operate from this that perspective I can overcome anything.

Hospitality, protection, prosperity, organization uproating, friendliness, determination, balance

Honeybee-all the sweetness that life has to offer, focus on companionship and forgiveness. Forgiveness requires that you first acknowledge and accept responsibility for your judgments rather than pretend they don't exist or professing to always sustain a nonjudgmental attitude. Companionship means that I have heartfelt empathy for the suffering and misfortune of others yet remain somewhat detached so that I don't take on their sorrow and distress as my own.  Qualities I may have judge in the past are also inside myself and need to embrace it and repeat you are loved.

Productivity, community, corporation, sweetness, love, companionship, forgiveness, awakening, nature, poetry, mother goddess, royalty, nutrition


Turtle-take my time, some people are in a hurry these days and it is easy to forget to slow down and enjoy whatever is happening. Enjoy my awakening and life, going faster doesn't always get me where I need to be anymore than taking my time. It takes courage at times because there are so many rabbits running around like crazy, just know I will get there just as quickly by going to my own speed and own rhythm no matter how quickly others move. Don't be in such a hurry to grow up too fast I may find myself wanting to do things that older kids are doing when learning everything now.  Over time I will learn everything I need to learn so just take my time.  Being upset because I can't accomplish more, realize it takes time to learn things and I really have all the time, slowdown and only move fast when I actually have to

Swan-There is a saying that goes beauty is only skin deep which means it's just on the surface but it really goes much deeper than that. It doesn't matter how I look its how I feel inside that really count.  There'll be days that no matter what I do I will feel like the ugly duckling but it's especially important on those days as well to let my spirit shine through like a light from inside. Bring my inner beauty out  and show my inner light.  Shining bright, grateful for all I have.  Making people smile feels good which makes you feel good, loved and beautiful.

Raccoon-Saying you want something and needing something are two different things.  Few things I need but very many things I want, there are the basic needs like air, food, water and shelter but most of the time we have these basic needs met and have everything I need.  There are people in the world that really have to struggle to meet these basic needs and appreciate when they are met after all how many actually need a new game or toy.

Rabbit-Don't be afraid to ask for help whether from a parent a friend, sometimes even a spirit guide.  Things are so much easier when I have someone to help, whenever I feel any doubt about getting something accomplished ask for help usually the person who helps feels pretty good about it top which is a win-win  And to notice that others might need help and offer it when they experience the benefits they feel for helping others they will feel more inclined to help.


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