August 9, 2015

Being #InspiredByCrafted Dog Food Made The Way You Would

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I want the best quality dog food for Alle that is crafted with high-quality ingredients, cooked with special care as if I was taking the time and effort to do it myself.  Which is why writing about Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Crafted™ has inspired both my husband and I to create in different ways. 

Mike, my husband, whom has never planted anything before in his life.  Decided to make a garden, growing nutritious, yummy, tomatoes, strawberries and peppers so we can eat and cook with healthy, pure ingredients, that he crafted himself.  Alle even helps water the garden on occasion, sometimes stealing water!



I love painting to express myself but haven't had the chance to create something lately so feeling inspired after writing my last blog post for Crafted, I dabbled my hands into painting again and enjoying every second of it!  I almost forgot the pleasure you get from creating something with your own hands.  Plus, now I have something to hang in our dining room and its seem as if Alle has given me her bow of approval.

Feeling inspired by Crafted?  Please, share with us if you create something yourself.
My fur pal Rigbie enjoying his handmade crafted dog house with Mark & Mariska  
Hill’s® Ideal Balance is artisan crafted, made with rare recipes, in small batches by trained Veterinary Nutritionists to deliver perfectly balanced dog food made the way you would.
Ideal Balance Crafted embraces this smaller, slower approach to ensure maximum consistency and quality.  Using the best ingredients with only high quality meats, ancient grains like buckwheat and quinoa that supports healthy digestion.  Plus Alle's personal favorite, sweet potatoes which gives her energy without spiking her blood sugar.

It all starts by carefully selecting sourced proteins that helps build and maintain lean muscle for your dog's active lifestyle.  Plus vegetables that help strengthen your dogs immune system.  Then Ideal Balance Crafted dry and wet dog food is carefully crafted with care by master chefs whom are completely hands on. 

The dry food is created by adding oats and parsley by hand then selecting a dough sample they pull and knead to ensure that the feel and texture is pawsitively perfect.  The dough is then rolled out and these craftsmen painstakingly cut kibble out looking it over to establish it meets their high standards.  Then the delectable kibble is baked at 400 degrees.  This non typical but efficient cooking process on their oven roasted dog kibble locks in nutrition and flavor while giving your pup a texture they enjoy woofing down.

Crafted wet dog food is prepared by attentively keeping the dry ingredients and proteins away from other broths, flavoring, and starches.  Then the meat, vegetables and gravy is mixed to create a mouth watering stew.  It is then put into a  can to be slow-cooked at 250 degrees to secure all the flavor and nutrition stays inside, delivering a perfectly balanced nutrition dog food with a delicious texture.

With years of taste research and this rare culinary approach that supplies your pet with a 100% balanced nutrition, you can be assured each bite is as enjoyable as it possibly can be.

Pawesome facts about Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted
  • Crafted in small batches
  • 100% Balanced nutrition
  • Natural ingredients
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • No wheat, soy or corn
  • Grain free varieties available
  • Made in the USA

Hill's also has Crafted cat food purrfectly made the way you would!


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