February 19, 2016

All Natural Dog Chews With Super Power To Satisfy Any Dog

These dog chews have super powers to satisfy any dog's palette while being full of nutrients.  Only Natural Pet Super Power Bar Dog Chews are a scrumptious, healthy, combination of high quality Angus beef chews pressed into a bar, for your dog's delight.  Super Power Bar Dog Chews are created from 100% all natural, grass fed Angus beef parts like bully sticks, tendons, cheeks and gullet.  Which makes them extremely healthy, low in fat, while being high in nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids and beta carotene. 

I like that I can let Alle get her chew on while reaping the benefits of these all natural, dog chews.  It's so clever to have a chew that contains all the great taste of other chews.   Delivering a super punch to Alle's taste buds, whom seemed to enjoy the unique combination of flavor.  I was impressed on how strong they were, surviving a couple rounds with this scrappy Boxer.
Pawesome Facts About Super Power Bar Dog Chews 
  • All-natural 100% grass fed Angus beef
  • No hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or smoking agents
  • Low in fat
  • Full of nutrients like omega 3's and beta carotene



You can find these Super Power Bar Dog Chews here

Only Natural Pet Super Power Bar Dog Chews are available as a single pack that contains 2 bars or 5 pack that contains 10 bars.


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Only Natural Pet supplied Alle with these Super Power Bar Dog Chews but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.


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