June 6, 2016

Playing Dead #AlleAndBobbyAdventures

"Gosh, I'm bored.  I wish you could play with me, Bobby the Bunny, without this stupid barrier between us." I woofed unhappily

Dropping the delicious carrot he was nibbling on so Bobby could answer.  "Yeah! Why won't mom just let us together?  She is way uncool!  Well, who needs her? Maybe I can chew threw it!"

"Doesn't seem to be working, woof!  We need to try something else.  I got it!  Play dead, when she comes running in you could escape!  I barked excitedly.
"Pawesome idea, sis!"
"Here, she comes!

"Mom!!! Look something is wrong with Bobby!" I howled.

"Oh...he is just sleeping?! You sure?  Don't you want to go in there and-" Stopping abruptly because mom was already walking away.
Hopping back up. "Oh well, you want to nap together then?"

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Stay tuned for another one of Alle's Adventures, same pawesome dog blog, same curious Boxer!


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