October 16, 2016

Margaret the Mermaid Needs Water #AllesAdventures

It has been getting more chilly everyday, fall is officially here, my grandparents just closed their swimming pool and I rarely venture outside anymore.  Only going outside to relieve myself and this was one of those times.  About to head back inside when I heard a slight noise of distress filling the air.  Searching the yard for the source of it, immediately seeing Margaret the Mermaid hunched over crying almost uncontrollably.

Before I could utter a bark of concern, she was sobbing.  "Oh, Alle, its offal, just offal!" Continuing after wiping some tears away from her face.  "My tail needs to be in water soon and the pool, I use to swim in, is now closed.

"That is it? That is what you are so worried about?  Well woof, I can help you with that faster then you can shake your tail."

Picking her up firmly but gently, carrying her off.  After only a few moments, placing her down in the big, white tub where I am given those distasteful baths! Well at least it is being put to good use, instead of torturing me!

"Here you go, Margaret the Mermaid, enjoy!"
"Oh, thank you Alle!"  She said already flipping and flopping her tail happily in the water.

"You are very pawelcome."

Stay tuned for another one of Alle's Adventures, same pawesome dog blog, same curious Boxer!


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