July 23, 2017

Enhanced Pet Bowl Has Enchanted Alle & Neptune #BloggingBoxers

Change your pets meal time for the better with the Enhanced Pet Bowl formally known as The Loving Bowl.  The Enhanced Pet Bowl is the best designed dog bowl especially for Brachycephalic breeds aka dogs with shorter snouts like boxers.  Because it is designed with a moon shaped slope inside the bowl which allows your pet to slide the food up and straight into their eager, open mouths.  Not all over their faces or floor like with a traditional pet bowl that forces them to eat at a 90 degree angle.  Which has them fighting gravity, causing them to eat quicker by using their tongues as a shovel, a shovel that shovels food everywhere!  With the slope in this bowl it creates a natural 45 degree angle to let your dog slow down their chewing and actually savor and taste their food.  All breeds and pets, whether its your rabbit, dog or cat can all benefit from using the Enhanced Pet Bowl. 

 I have used this bowl with dry food, wet food, raw and even water!  Alle has been enjoying this bowl for more than a year now, never eating out of any other bowl, we even take it with us when traveling.  Before the Enhanced Pet Bowl Alle's food would be everywhere and I mean everywhere!  Thankfully since using this pet bowl that has stopped.  Alle now eats slower, consistently in one setting barely leaving any food behind.  No more wasting all that dog food and money which is very important.  And since Alle has had so much success with this bowl and with her new brother Neptune's non stop stares while using it, we decided to get him one as well!  We have seen such an improvement already on him slowing down his eating.  Although keep in mind he still is a puppy so there will still be woofing down food!

🐶 Neptune's personal take on the Enhanced Pet Bowl 🐶
"Oh, I puppy love this bowl!  It holds the most treasurable thing there is FOOD!  And with this cool design I get more yummy tummy food in my eager open mouth and less food everywhere. Which makes my momma happy so that makes me happy!  I also like eating out of the same bowl as my rad sis, Alle!"

The Enhanced Pet Bowl also now offers stands for these bowls at different size ranges for easier access to your dog's food bowl.  Which means less strain on their beautiful necks.  Alle has been using her stand for several months and hasn't had anything bad to bark about it.  One of the best parts of this stand is it doesn't take up much space and is sturdy.

The pawesome Enhanced Pet Bowl was created by Bill Harris,  proud owner of two adorable French Bulldogs (Brachycephalic Breeds) Lacey and Eva.  He noticed how they would struggle with their food every mealtime.  So Bill created a clay model that solved all his issues and tada the Enhanced Pet Bowl was born.  And thank dog for that because Alle, Neptune and I are truly grateful for this product!

Pawesome Facts About Enhanced Pet Bowl
  • No bloating
  • Less gas
  • No more mess on the floor
  • No more food on your dog's face
  • Helps digestion issues
  • Helps slow down eating, no more woofing it down!
  • Allows greater access to their food

Small - Intended for cats and dogs between 5 - 20lbs, capable of holding 0.5 - 1 cup of kibble.
Medium - Intended for dogs between 20 - 55lbs, capable of holding 1 - 2.5 cups of kibble. 
Large - Intended for dogs between 55 - 100lbs, capable of holding 3 - 5 cups of kibble.

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Enhanced Pet Bowl supplied Doggie Dog Madness aka Alle & Neptune with these/this bowl but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.


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