August 11, 2017

Boxer Dogs Lessons 101: Sun Gazing #BloggingBoxersAdventures

"Oh, yeah!  That sun feels so good and energizing with the cool ground of Mother Earth lovingly holding me.  I could lay like this for hours with no worries or interruptions....Ugh, what do you woofing want Neptune?!  Can't you see I'm sun gazing?"

"Alle, you look funny, almost making me BOL (Bark Out Loud).  How do you do that?  I would like to try."  Neptune asked.

"It is quite easy Neptune.  You simply lay on your side than roll onto your back and extend your long legs for complete heaven."  Alle explained while demonstrating.

"Ok, that does seem woofing easy.  I can do this.  I can do this."  Neptune chanted softly to himself.  Trying and trying again to roll onto his back unsuccessfully.

With a little nudge from Alle and Neptune was proudly on his back!

"Alle, look at me!"  Neptune barked excitedly.

"Yeah, yeah I see you..  You are a little pro now."  Alle huffed to herself going back to enjoying the rays and the cool earth herself.

Stay tuned for another one of the #BloggingBoxersAdventures, same pawesome dog blog, same curious Boxers!


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