February 3, 2014

Learn More About Alle's Boxer Breed

Here is some brief information, characteristics, and fun facts about Alle's breed, the Boxer.

Boxers are medium-sized, short haired, smooth coat dog from Germany.  They were bred from the Bullenbeisser and the Old English Bulldog.  The Boxer coats are usually fawn or brindled with or without white over the body. They have broad, short skulls, with a square muzzle, strong jaws with a forceful bite perfect for large prey.  Boxers have long tails and floppy ears but they are often docked and cropped.

These strong and smart boxers have been used as guide dogs for the blind, service dogs, police dogs, and herding.  And during times at war the military used them as pack carriers, messenger dogs, and guard dogs.

Boxers demand attention and are energetic, bright, playful, strong dogs, that are active & require constant exercise to prevent boredom which can lead to destructive behavior.  They make a desirable family dog because of their love, faithfulness, modesty, cleanliness, and are very good with children.  Although, Boxers maybe harmless to the family & by nature not an aggressive breed, they are brave, and are instinctive guardians.  They are also known for being headstrong and respond better to positive reinforcement & clicker training because they want to please their owner. 

Some more interesting facts about boxers are they usual snore, drool, and they love to walk or jump on their two back strong legs!



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