September 27, 2015

Alle Hears A Who! #AllesAdventures

One day, while frolicking outside, minding my own tail, ears flopping in the wind, checking to make sure my yard was secure from any danger when I heard a soft cry ring out.  Running over to where I thought I heard the cry come from only to find several wild, purple flowers.  No dogs, or humans anywhere to be seen.  About to turn away I heard the soft cry ring out once more, seeming to come from the beautiful flowers.

How could a cry come from flowers?  Have my loyal ears failed me?

I knew I heard a noise, crying out to my ears, of course my ears haven't let me down! Rushing over to the flower where the noise came from only to see a speck of dust barely visible on top of its soft petals. 

Who is crying for help? Maybe Bob from UPS?

"Woof! Is something wrong? There is nothing to fear
Alle the Blogging Boxer is here
What could cause these cries to come from a speck of dust
I will do whatever I can to help, it is a must!"
"Hello, up there! I'm Paul the Mayor of Whomville, we need your help, my furry friend."
"Our city maybe small
But lots of Whos live on this tiny dust ball
We got blown over here, fearing our new surroundings
Is it safe here if you don't mind me asking"

About to answer yes but a loud noise of a clucking motor of the evil, grass cutter that my dad uses, came from a distance.  Wanting to bark NO this yard is a house of death!  But not wanting the Whos to know of the peril before them, I calmly reframed, answering.  
"Not at all Mayor Paul, but I have the pawsitively best spot for your city."  Taking a ginormous breath. "We just have to...tip toe away from the scary lawnmower, sneak pass Steve the Squirrel and crawl by Petunia the Pig."

", you did not calm my fears at all.  Well, it s
ounds like we are surrounded by danger at every turn maybe we should just stay where we are."

Hearing the grass cutter, slowly growing louder,  I knew I had to act now or forever hold my bark. "Holy woof, Paul, it is not safe for your city here.  It will be a long, hard quest but I'm dog enough to handle it."  Carefully picking up the flower, making sure not to disturb the speck, heading further into my yard.

I must be silent, on tiptoes for there are dark forces in this yard that would seek to destroy this adventure.  I'm light as a feather, light as feather...a pawsitively heavy feather but a feather.  Quietly and quickly passing unnoticed by the lawnmower monster.
Huh, maybe this won't be so hard after all.

Or not.  Immediately heading into danger, seeing Steve the Squirrel, up on his favorite tree stub, starring straight at me.

"Hello there Alle, nutty seeing you around
What is that you have found?"

Avoiding eye contact, I nervously answered.  "Just a flower, not thousands of people..ha ha." looking away awkwardly.  "I'm just passing threw. Why don't you help yourself to some delectable peanuts my mom threw out earlier."

Not knowing what Alle was up to, but Steve the Squirrel's weakness for peanuts won out, turning to go retrieve them.


Alle taking that opportunity, walked hurriedly past, hearing Steve happily munching away.  Not stopping until I could no longer hear Steve the Squirrel. 

Huffing slightly outside of my nose, that was close, almost there...
"Oink, Oink!"
Halting immediately in my paws. 
Slowly putting the flower down, pouncing on Petunia the Pig without hesitation.
"How is it going, Alle?  I noticed we stopped, Are we there?" the Mayor's voice ringing out.
Giving Petunia the Pig one more shake. "Fine, just taking a break." I answered slightly muffled.

"Good to hear my friend."

Soon I had Petunia the Pig squealing like a pig...although it could have been the plastic bottle inside.

Tossing Petunia the Pig aside, grabbing the flower quickly but gently and headed to the garden, the end of this adventure.

"Here my friends, is your new home
That's even protected with its very own gnome
Safe for you all
Thanks to I and your Mayor Paul"

"Thanks, my loyal friend, our city is forever in your debt, if ever you need us don't hesitate to call on the Whos." Paul said barely audible over the cheers and celebration the Whos were already having.


Woof woof, the Whos are safe and all is right in this doggie's world.
This story was inspired & was in good fun of the Dr. Seuss Horton Hears A Who
Stay tuned for another one of Alle's Adventures, same pawesome dog blog, same curious Boxer!

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