November 3, 2016

Did You Know That Your Dog Picks Up Most Of Your Illnesses

Animals are true angels, empaths among us, here to help us as we journey on this thing we call life.  Whether by love, food, companionship, or by mimicking our illnesses that we ourselves are even unaware of.  Since I was ten years old I have gotten Urinary Tract Infections, at least I know that now...

This past weekend when visiting family and Toby, Alle's fur cousin,  I was luckily enough to see first hand the ability of animals helping, healing.  Toby the adorable lab, was constantly chasing Alle, trying to lick her privates...needless to say he was trying to tell me and Alle that we had an urinary tract infection.  Every time I suffer from UTI, Alle does as well, coincidence I think not.  Most often times I believe a dog's cancer and UTI is linked to the owners self guilt over something or from suffering from sexual abuse in their childhood.  Even before Alle, my childhood dog Brandy died from having urine tract infection that turned into urinary cancer.
A couple of years ago we had a rescue cat named Boots, that was simulating my anxiety and worry.  When Mike, my husband was in the military, every time he was deployed I got terrible anxiety and poor Boots would loss patches of hair. 

Does your dog have a food allergy or some kind of illness?  Most likely you have or someone in your family does as well or is picking up on one of your chakra being out of aliment.   If you listen close enough to your pet you can help your health.


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