June 14, 2016

Who Is That Dog On That Personalized Cushion Cover?! Oh, Its Me!


Alle is my precious fur baby and I am quite the proud mama over this magnificent, handmade, personalized Cushion Cover from Hotchpotch Crafts.  Made with high-quality fabric to display Alle's beautiful face, that brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.  I display it everywhere with pride from our living room, front porch, to the back patio.  At Hotchpotch Crafts you are able to get standard breed pictures on a cushion cover or a personalized cover like I did with Alle's picture.  You also get to select what color fabric you want your cushion cover to be.  I picked brown so it would match almost everywhere I wanted to put it!

And with Alle's drooling I'm glad this cushion cover is washable so I get to treasure it for a long time.  I washed it by hand the first time to be on the safe side but it is completely safe in the washer.

Each of these bespoke,  spine-tingling, Cushion Covers are crafted by an amazing mom and daughter team, Emily and Joan.  They also offer other unique crafts like quilts, pet treat bags, and pet blankets.  Great for those of us who are vain over their pet, or makes a pawesome gift, or to remind us of pets unfortunately no longer with us.  So, if you are looking for an amazing quality, handmade craft to show your love for your pet, bark by Hotchpotch Crafts!







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Hotchpotch Crafts supplied Alle with this Personalized Cushion Cover but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.





  1. Alle's such an adorable pooch! I have that similar cushion cover for my BT, Zera and she really love it! It was given by her dad as a gift on her birthday.