May 21, 2014

Why It's Essential To Have Yearly Vet Visits For Your Pet

Alle is almost a year old and once a dog usually hits this ripe old age, pet owners stop taking them in for their yearly checkups.  But, that is when health issues may start creeping up because dogs age faster than us.  Just because your furry friend may appear healthy, do not skip their annual checkup.  Regular checkups help your vet catch subtle changes and some health problems, before it's to late.  Like ticks, fleas, bacterial and viral infections.  Also, yearly examinations help your veterinarian and your canine companion develop a relation & bond.

So, please visit your vet for annual visits and not just when they are injured or sick.  Make regular checkups part of your dogs health routine.  After all we want them with us as long as possible.


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