February 10, 2015


Looking for an alternative to unhealthy cooked bones for your dog to chomp on?  Well this buffalo chew will be having your pup's taste buds howling in delight.

Only Natural Pet's Buffalo Horn Dog Chews may look scary but trust me this was Alle's first time munching on buffalo and now I can't keep her paws off of it!  She puppy loves the new flavor on her tongue.

And when I say this buffalo chew is long-lasting I am not just barking, I only bark the truth.  Alle was occupied for hours everyday while she couldn't go outside to play because of the snow.  Also, for an even more creative, challenging dog chew you can pack this horn with peanut butter.

Only Natural Pet Buffalo Horn Dog Chews are from grass-fed, non-irradiated water buffalo horns.  Which are digestible, low in fat and high in protein.  And they're also an incredible way to clean your dog's gums and teeth.  Which means more dog kisses! Pawesome!


You can find this delicious Buffalo Horn Dog Chew HERE.  They come in 6" and 12" lengths and are available as a single horn or 3 horns.  Alle had the pleasure of trying the 12" horn.

Only Natural Pet supplied Alle with this Buffalo Horn Dog Chew but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.

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