March 8, 2016

If Asked Dogs Will Lie, Did You Feed The Dog?


It is our responsibility to take care of our fur babies and with the daily grind of life and family members being on different schedules it can sometimes be hard to remember if the dog has been fed.  Which can cause overfeeding that can lead to obesity.  Mealtime is a dog's favorite time, they are always hungry and will always lie, giving you the "hungry puppy eyes".  An estimated 52.7% of US dogs are overweight or obese which is why it's critical for us pet parents to pay closer attention to their intake and diet. 


Did You Feed The Dog is a pawsitively perfect solution to the repetitive and ultimate question "Did you feed the dog?"  DYFTD is a slick device to help remind everyone in the house if your dog has been feed or needs feed.  It is also a great way to teach kids responsibility while making it fun for them to participate (or even the mine who is like a big kid).  No batteries needed just slide each slider on the Did You Feed The Dog device when you feed your dog and simply slide them back to start the next week.  Have more than one dog? Don't worry you can still use the DYFTD device just make sure you only push the sliders over unless all dogs have been fed. 


The Did You Feed The Dog analog device is made from high impact ABS plastic with a brushed-metal appearance.  Measuring 4 3/8" w x 6"h x 5/8d and comes with 2 pieces of sticky foam tape & 2 sticky magnetic material.  You can mount it almost anywhere in your house, I have mine on the refrigerator with a Boxer magnet above it.

I have never realized how many times I actually ask my husband, Mike if he fed Alle until I used this Did You Feed Your Dog device.  Mike works different shifts certain weeks and this helped let me know if he fed Alle or not.  I don't know if your dog is anything like Alle but she is always hungry and if left in her paws mealtime would come more than twice a day.  So, I'm glad I have this DYFYD to keep her in check.




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Did You Feed The Dog supplied Alle with this DYFTD device but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.


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