March 1, 2015

Activities To Entertain Your Dog Indoors

Alle loves being outside, running, frolicking and playing but during the winter she can't really enjoy all those things.  And being stuck indoors all day gave Alle lots of pent up energy and I didn't want her to act out because of boredom.  So I decide to find ways to keep her entertained physically and mentally

Here are some ideas of activities you can do with your dog that I do with Alle:
  • Chews or Kong-gives them something to munch & keeps them occupied for awhile.  Alle loves peanut butter in her Kong and her favorite chew right now is a Buffalo Horn
  • Tug of War-grab a toy, pull and play
  • Fetch-toss their favorite toy around and use a set of stairs if available for an even more energy consuming exercise
  • Agility Obstacle Course-make them crawl under the dining room table, put a broom on some chairs to jump over, run up steps
  • Reinforce Training-go over some commands and reward your pup with a treat.  This will help keep their mind sharp and they're happy they have your attention.
  • New Toy or Bring Out An Old Toy-buy a new toy and put it away until your dog is bored.  Or sometimes I rotate Alle's toys by putting away ones she hasn't paid attention to in awhile.  That way when I bring them out they seem new and fun again.  Since Alle enjoys opening boxes (I don't know if that is because she is a Boxer BOL) I put her dog toys in a box for her to open for more of a challenge and entertainment.



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