August 24, 2015

Guardians Of The Garden #AllesAdventures

I haven't marked my grandparent's garden yet and I have been here for a whole woofing three minutes.
Awwww my usual spot.
What is this?!?!
A big round eye was eying me up threw sun touched leaves.

Stopping mid stream, staring in disbelief, the Big Pink Bird is out of the pool!  We had an agreement!  Just because I haven't visited in a week does not mean by any bark that Big Pink Bird can leave the water, her territory.

This is not happening!  I need to lock and restrain the Big Pink Bird up until she goes back into her water.  But I need help, I don't want any of my paws near my kryptonite....water.  I could always recruit some of the Gnomes since they have a hand in protecting and guarding the garden anyway.
Quickly gathering the Gnomes together to devise a plan to contain the Big Pink Bird.

"You guys distract the Big Pink Bird while I grab the powerful noodle doodle and force her back to lock the gate." Barking the orders out while collecting the noodle doodle.

"Sure thing."
"You got it."
"Ok." The Gnomes answered back in unison.
"Hey Big Pink Bird, look at this!" One of the Gnomes snickered.
Seeing the perfect opportunity, I pushed the fluster flamingo back into it's permitted territory and shut the gate.

Woof, Woof!!!  All is right in my grandparent's garden once more, thanks to help of the Guardians Of The Garden!

For the  Big Pink Bird Adventure HERE
Stay tuned for another one of Alle's Adventures, same pawesome dog blog, same curious Boxer!

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