October 15, 2015

Your Dog Is Unique, Why Not Have A Plan To Match? #MyPlan

Having the right plan of dog food for your dog's needs is essential for a healthy and happy life.  I have had different plans for certain stages of Alle's life.  From Focus Puppy Large Breed Formula to her current plan, Purina Pro Plan's Natural Plus Essential Vitamins and Minerals Grain Free.

Your dog is unique, why not have a plan to match?  Pro Plan has experts that can recommend the right dry dog food formula of Pro Plan that meets your dog's nutritional needs.  Simply click here to share your canine's unique needs, preferences and traits.  You can also receive a pawesome $5 off Pro Plan coupon!

Focus Puppy Large Breed Formula
  • Protein is the first ingredient
  • Excellent natural source of glucosamine which helps the development of cartilage and joints
  • Full of minerals to help build healthy, strong bones and teeth
  • Antioxidants to support immune system

Focus Large Breed Formula
  • High-quality protein as the first ingredient
  • Has natural prebiotic fiber that helps promote digestive health
  • Omegas to help support mobility and joint health
  • Has 26% protein and 12% fat to help maintain an ideal weight and body conditions

Focus Adult Weight Management Formula
  • Protein is first ingredient
  • High in protein which helps protect muscle mass while losing weight
  • Promotes digestive health with natural prebiotic fiber
  • Contains 25% less fat than the Savor Formula
  • Helps promote healthy coat and skin

Natural Plus Grain Free
  • Gentle on the digestive system
  • High-quality ingredients with protein as the first ingredient
  • Grain free, no corn, wheat or soy
  • Full of rich antioxidants that help promote healthy immune systems
  • Has Omega-6 fatty acids & zinc to help nourish skin to promote healthy hair


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