October 4, 2015

Your Dog Will Be Happily Stuffed With Only Natural Pet Bully Stuffed Shin Bone


Who wants an ordinary bone when you can have one stuffed with a bully?!  Its a 2 in 1 treat, not only do you get an all natural shin bone to chew on but you also get scrumptious ground up bully inside, delivering a dog chew your dog can not refuse. 

These all natural, Only Natural Pet Stuffed Shin Bones are about 4 to 5 inches of glorious chewing.  Made using grass fed, free range cattle. 

Only Natural Pet Bully Stuffed Shin Bone come as a single or in a 3 pack.

This bone brought out Alle's animal instinct by the stuffed bully mimicking bone marrow.  Happily getting stuffed while chewing away on this Stuffed Shin Bone, licking eagerly at the bully stuffing.  Bullies are her paws down favorite, so Alle attacked this bone for several hours.

Only Natural Pet Bully Stuffed Shin Bone
  • All natural
  • Easily digestible
  • Made with USA free range, grass-fed cattle
  • Offers glucosamine
  • Treated with dangerous chemicals
  • Hard to digest and may cause upset stomach
  • Minimum nutrition
  • Cattle treated with antibiotics and hormones




You can find this Only Natural Pet Bully Stuffed Shin Bone here

Only Natural Pet supplied Alle with this Bully Stuffed Shin Bone but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.



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