August 30, 2016

Multi-Purpose Collar & Leash Combo That Is Always Available


Leisure Leash is an easy, multi-purpose collar and leash combo that your dog carries around, that is conveniently there, ready to use.  Meant to teach, train and for on the go whether from walking, running, car rides and other adventures.  Created from sturdy, high quality nylon and is made from start to finish in the USA.

Very impressed with the quality and practicality of Leisure Leash.  I like using this for shopping at pet stores, walks and as a restraint in the car.  Other great aspect is Alle can't get out of it because she the "Great Houdini" and has gotten out of ever other harnesses and collars I have tried so far.  I usually use the short leash because it is perfect for my 5 foot frame while my husband whom is 6"3 likes the longer leash version.


How To Use Leisure Leash:
Remove both collar & leash from ring clip

Take the collar and slide the smaller D ring threw the larger D ring then just reattach the smaller D ring to ring clip.  Do not reattach the larger D ring.

Then reattach both ends of leash to ring clip.

Slip both straps over your dog's head to create the hands free Lesiure Leash.
To use the leash simply pull the leash up over your dog's head.  Which creates the short leash, that is best for heel training in walking.


Then to make the leash longer unhook the leash side with the handle.  Leaving the leash longer for close running, attaching seatbelts, walking.


You can find this multi-purpose Leisure Leash here
Leisure Leash on Twitter

Leisure Leash supplied us with this collar but that in no way influences or sways our opinion and thoughts.



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