October 27, 2016

Steve the Squirrel #AllesAdventures

Where is Mr. Mailman?  He is usual here by now for me to bark at.  Oh well, guess I'll just...a loud rustling noise came from one of the tree limbs above me that immediately grabbed this dog's attention. 

Whom dares to enter my yard without my permission?
We meet again Steve the Squirrel.
Staring unblinking into my frienemy's dark almond eyes not knowing whether to play defensive or offense but Steve the Squirrel took the decision from me.  Scampering, ridiculously fast up the tree, briefly checking to see where I was before performing a flying squirrel from tree to tree.

 Leaving me circling the now empty tree below, in despair.

Oh, the dogmanity!
I can't believe this fluffy tail, squirrel got away and the best of me!

As if hearing soft, chuckling, echoing throughout the yard wasn't humiliation enough he had the adossity to model for my mom from his limb perch, right in front of me!!

This has better not get out, it could make me the barkingstock among the other dogs in the neighborhood.

Huffing with disgust as I pushed myself from the bottom of the tree, accepting defeat....for now.

Stay tuned for another one of Alle's Adventures, same pawesome dog blog, same curious Boxer!


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