August 18, 2014

How Often Do You Wash Your Dog's Food & Water Bowl?

Would you eat off a dirty dish? Drink from an algae glass of water?  Hopefully you answered no.  So, why would you give your dog their food and water from a dirty bowl?  Even if your K9 licks their bowls clean, its not really clean.  That also applies to their water bowls too.

Its easy to forget about your furry friend's bowls because of the other dishes that pile up and the daily grinds of life.  But it is extremely important for your dogs health and sanitary reasons.

For washing frequency it depends on your dog's feeding style.  If you feed your dog just dry food then you should clean your dog's bowl once a day. But if you give your dog wet or raw food their bowl should be washed after each serving.  And you should clean the water bowl once a day due to dust, hair, and germs.

You can clean your pet's bowls by hand using hot water and soap.  Or even in the dishwasher on the sanitize cycle or hottest setting.  Another alternative is you can buy disposable plastic bowls if you don't want to worry about washing your dog's bowls.  I would recommend getting stainless steel dishes because they can stand the drudgery of constant washing and because they're dishwasher safe.


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