August 1, 2014

Pawsitively Wholesome

Does your dog have bad breath? What would you say if I told you there is an all-natural treat to help that? Like Pawsitively Wholesome's Pawdon My Breath Cookies.  Which was Alle favorite treat from PW.  She puppy loved her healthy cookie and I loved the fact Alle had amazing breath!

Alle had the pleasure of woofing down three of Pawsitively Wholesome all-natural treats: Bad To The Bone Cookies, Pawdon My Breath Cookies, and Sadie's Sweet Pawtato Chips. 

Bad To The Bone Cookies

Pawdon My Breath Cookies

Sadie's Sweet Pawtato Chips

Video of Pawsitively Wholesome

Pawsitively Wholesome was founded by Kristi Von.  Whom started out making her two adorable dogs nutritious and wholesome treats.  Because Sadie & Ruger devoured her homemade natural treats she began giving them to dogs of friends.  And them loving them as much as her K9s pushed her into starting her own business where she is able to give dogs healthy treats that are good for them & that they love!

You can find yummy, pawsome, Pawsitively Wholesome

*Listen to me and Kristi Von, owner of Pawsitively Wholesome & host of The Doggy Dish on Pet Life Radio Here

Pawsitively Wholesome supplied Alle with these treats, but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.

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