June 26, 2015

How To Keep Your Dog Safe & Calm This Fourth Of July

Although the fourth of July is one of the most anticipated and celebrated holidays that are filled with food, family, friends, fireworks and fun....at least for us.  However, for dogs on the other paw it can be a different story.  So this fourth try to make things run pawsitively smoothly for your canine.

Even the bravest & confident of dogs can be scared of the loud,  unfamiliar sounds that the holiday brings. 

Some Ideas To Help With The Loud Noise & Fireworks
  • You can try desensitize your dog before the 4th arrives
  • Close all doors, windows & curtains
  • Try to mask the fireworks with other noises like a TV & radio
  • Don't change your behavior toward your dog (no cuddling)
  • Provide a safe & comfortable "hiding place"

Even the most discipline, well behaved dogs might go for your table scraps during the 4TH.  Which can be dangerous and upsetting to your dogs stomach.

Some unsafe foods that might be around this holiday that are serious & life threating:
  • Any salty foods-seizures, diarrhea, seizures, death
  • Any fatty foods
  • Onion or garlic-can cause Anemia
  • Poultry bones-obstruct digestive system, can choke on it
  • Chocolate-vomiting, seizures, tremors, death
  • Avocado-contains persin which is toxic to dogs in large amounts
  • Sugar-obesity, dental problems, diabetes
  • Grapes or Raisins-kidney failure
  • Alcohol-same effects on dog with less, vomiting, diarrhea
Some safe foods you probably will already have at your party that you can give your furry friend (if you are having a veggie & fruit tray most foods are great from that!):
  • Boiled Chicken or Beef-protein
  • Salmon-supports immune system, shiny coat
  • Broccoli-cancer fighting, helps immune system
  • Carrots-fiber, intestinal health
  • Corn(off cob & unseasoned)-energy
  • Cantaloupe-helps eyes, reduces chances of cancer
  • Asparagus-Fiber, iron, and potassium
  • Pineapple-full vitamins & can help your dog from eating his stool (try frozen for a easy treat)
  • Celery-great for heart health, tumor fighter, reduces nervousness (which is great for The 4TH Of July)
  • Green Beans-fiber, iron, folic acid, potassium

Also inform your guests that you would not like them to give food to your dog.  Unless you inform them of the safe foods that they can give. 

And, no matter how cautious you are, your dog can still eat something they shouldn't so keep your vet's, emergency clinic & ASPCA (1-888-426-4435) numbers near by.

Doggie Tip: Put some veggies in your ice trays with water to freeze.  You end up with a yummy, healthy treat for your dog.  Alle even plays with it first before devouring.



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  1. Great tips! Luckily fireworks are prohibited in our county so we don't really have to worry about Gigi freaking out over that. Definitely gonna keep these in mind for the future though.