February 10, 2016

Puller An Unique Interactive Training Device For A Healthy Dog Inside & Out


If your dog doesn't get efficient amount of physical and mental activity it can lead to several issues like obesity, illness, excessive aggression and disobedience.  Collar created Puller, a one of a kind sport training device, specially designed to develop and maintain your dog's physical shape.  Using Puller correctly can help relieve stress your canine might have, support weight loss and lower the risk of sprains which occurs more in large dog breeds like Alle.  Puller provides the necessary exercise your pup needs with 3 simple exercises, instead of spending several hours.  These exercises develop and help maintain all muscle groups.  All you need is the two Puller rings, your dog and a pawesome mood!

Running-Have your dog chase, run after Puller if your dog doesn't bring it back offer them the second Puller ring.



Pulling-Have your dog grab and pull Puller...increase your effort for more of a workout and to keep your dog engaged.


Jumping-Have your dog jump to try to get Puller...increase height and add the second Puller ring for more of a challenge mentally and physically.


You can also roll the Puller ring on the ground because of it's shape and material, Alle couldn't refuse the chase.


Working with both of the rings enables your dog to learn a high rate of work, switching rings leaves a foundation for further develop in your dog.

Being odorless is key in this training device so it doesn't leave odor on your hands, like some other devices might which is important when training.  Plus the non toxic material does not hurt or injury your dog's teeth and gums like some toys may because when bitten Puller lets the dogs teeth inside without losing its shape.  Which is extremely true, Alle trained with this for well over a month, biting without mercy and Puller never lost its original shape.

With Puller being lightweight it is very easy to work with even for children and elders.  My husband, my father, and I used Puller with no problems.  All of us getting to enjoy interacting and bonding with Alle, supplying a full family bonding experience.  Also never leave your rings out so your dog doesn't think its a toy.

Pawesome Facts About Puller:
  • Non toxic, lightweight material
  • Does not hurt or damage dog's teeth
  • Odorless
  • Offers physical and mental exercise in 20 minutes
  • These rings can also float which makes training, exercising and interacting with your dog limitless

I am extremely impressed by this interactive training device.  Using Puller with Alle has created a healthy dog inside and out, mentally and physically.  Being a Working Dog breed she needs several hours of exercise but with Puller Alle got it done sooner which is great because I always have time for Puller.  I noticed her muscles have gotten stronger, she is jumping higher and running faster.  The Puller created a bonding experience with training that Alle is never bored with.  Alle always gets excited when she sees me pull out the rings, immediately heading to the door to go outside.






The Puller comes in 2 sizes for smaller breeds & large breeds.  Puller Mini is for dogs of Small and Toy Breeds with all the same properties of the large Puller.


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Collar supplied Alle with PULLER but we only share information & opinions of our own that we believe in.



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