February 26, 2016

Give Your Dog A Collar As Unique As Them

Who wants to wear the same old clothes everyday?  I know I don't, so why should I expect Alle to wear the same collar everyday? Instead I love the option of changing up her look depending on mood, holidays, seasons, latest obsession and other reasons.  With Saints and Tigers stylish, dog collars I can have Alle wearing something creative and unique.  Saint and Tigers Embroidered Dog Collars are crafted with such thoughtfulness and care.  All Saints and Tigers designs are beautifully and skillfully embroidered directly on before sewing.  Masterfully made with high quality nylon webbing, ribbon and heavy duty hardware like tri-glide metal, D ring and a hard sturdy plastic as the release buckle are sewn on with a heavy polyester thread.  There may be a small blank space on the collar that is used for adjustment.

I am impressed with each of these dog collars design, they truly captures and embrace their theme.  Not to mention they are strong and even thicker then most of the collars I already own.  These Saints and Tigers dog collars have survived Alle's daily routines which are usually strenuous.  What more can I ask for an unique dog collar that is as unique as Alle while being strong for her lifestyle.

All Saints and Tigers collars are made to match standard dog collars but make sure you measure your dog before ordering for a more accurate order.  I ordered the same size as I usually do when ordering standard sizes and they fit Alle like a glass slipper.

Alle had the pawleasure of rocking the Saints and Tigers dog collars: Clover, Cinderella Inspired, Punisher Inspired, Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Zero.


Clover Embroidered Dog Collar
With ST. Patrick's Day around the corner and my husband being Irish I wanted this Clover dog collar to celebrate the holiday.  There is a beautiful array of clovers on this dog collar including a four leaf clover for luck and who doesn't need some luck?


Cinderella Inspired Embroidered Dog Collar
This Cinderella inspired collar is done as beautiful as Cinderella herself.  With the classic carriage and glass slippers Alle truly feels like a princess when wearing this dog collar.  Hopefully, this dog collar doesn't turn into a pumpkin at midnight.



Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Zero Inspired Embroidered Dog Collar
Jack and his loyal companion Zero is scare-fully and creatively done with the Jack faces along the collar offering different expressions.  A great dog collar for Halloween since Jack Skellington is the "Pumpkin King" of Halloween Town or to wear everyday.  I actually have and use a Nightmare Before Christmas purse, so when I have Alle wear this collar we are frightfully coordinated.



Punisher Inspired Embroidered Dog Collar
I put this on Alle when she is feeling like the first true antihero and wants to punish some toys or sticks in the yard.  The Punisher skull is exquisitely done and looks like it could be grabbed from Frank Castle's shirt.



You can find these gorgeous, Saints and Tigers Embroidered Dog Collars here.  All you have to do is pick a theme, your dog's collar size and desired width.

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