March 2, 2016

Pawelcome Smiley To The Pack


Pawelcome our addition to the pack, Smiley!  My parents thankfully rescued Smiley a Lab Mix on 2/26/2016 at Beaver County Humane Society, who rescued him from a kill center in Hancock, West Virginia.  After my parents had decided to add adorable Smiley to our family, I had to bring Alle to the Beaver County Humane Society to make sure they got along especially since Alle is extremely close to them.  The meeting went well, no problems, no red flags, Smiley is going to his Furever Home!

The drive home with both dogs was a zoo, a fun zoo but a zoo none the less.  Once home Alle and Smiley got to bond, play, destroy some toys and eat together for about two hours. 



Smiley's first full day, the next day was more then anyone anticipated.  Playing with his new dad, Smiley suddenly yelped in pain, favoring his front right paw.  They immediately took him to Castle Shannon Animal Hospital to discover the horrific truth of Smiley's past.  The pain in his paw was caused by a foreign metal object believed to be a BB gun bullet but they are not sure.  Luckily he tested negative for lead poisoning but the object needs to be removed.  Smiley has a specialist appointment on 3/22/2016, so we will know more then.  But that wasn't all we discovered, he tested positive for Lyme disease, the vet had to check and make sure the Lyme disease hadn't spread to his liver and kidneys, thankfully it didn't and is now on medication for 4 weeks to get rid of the horrific Lyme disease.

Hopefully, you pawelcome Smiley into your hearts like we already have!  He loves kisses, has some scars but is still smiling even after everything he has been threw, more stories and adventures from Smiley to come!



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