April 20, 2016

New Premium Chicken Jerky Makes Me Bark At The Moon In Delight

I'm so excited to announce a new delicious, single ingredient dog treat from Bark At The Moon that has Alle's tongue out and ready.  New yummy, Bark At The Moon Premium Chicken Jerky, are human-grade dog treats made from chickens raised on family farms in America that are raised with no growth hormones or steroids.  The fresh chicken breast is gently dehydrated leaving delicious crisp chicken that is carefully sliced by hand.  Leaving a low in fat and high in protein treat you can feel guilt free about giving your dog or cat.  You heard me cats too!  Our old cat Shadow, I'm sure would have loved these, she loved chicken and would cry until she got to devour it.

My fur pal Mr. Bear from Bark At The Moon said I get to share some new Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats with three of my pawesome followers!  Woof, woof!  Who doesn't love giveaways and you guys deserve it!  Full rules on how to win this scrumptious, dog treat below!

Alle ate this jerky happily and greedily, I actually had to hide the treat bag because she would bark at the bag for more.  No really, she was literally barking at the bag of Bark At The Moon Premium Chicken Jerky for more.  So, needless to say I now keep these treats out of her sight!  I have given her whole pieces and broken it into small pieces for a healthy training treat.  Alle loves the jerky no matter how she receives it, as long as she gets some.  The crunchy, textures of these dog treats always has her begging for more.




Pawesome Facts About Bark At The Moon Premium Chicken Jerky
  • Low in fat & high in protein
  • Single ingredient
  • No additives, fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Made in USA
  • Great for sensitive stomachs
  • Also a great treat for cats

Official Giveaway Rules & Information

  • 3 random winners, 2 winners from Twitter, 1 winner from Instagram
  • Opened only for US
  • Contest begins 4/20/2016 3:00AM EST
  • Contest ends 4/29/2016 11:59PM EST
The 2 winners  from Twitter have to:
  • Have to follow me on Twitter
  • Have to follow Bark At The Moon on Twitter
  • Simply RT my pinned tweet about the giveaway on my twitter homepage to be entered and reply to the tweet on whom would be chewing on these Green Butterfly Brand Bark At The Moon Premium Chicken Jerky
  • Winner swill be announced on twitter within 24 hours of contest closing
The 1 winner from Instagram has to:
  • Has to follow me on Instagram
  • Has to follow Bark At The Moon on Instagram
  • Like picture posted announcing giveaway
  • Comment on same picture whom would be munching on these Premium Chicken Jerky dog treats if you won

For my review on Bark At The Moon Turkey Flavor Dog Treats bark by here

You can find Bark At The Moon here

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Bark At The Moon on Facebook
Bark At The Moon on Pinterest

Bark At The Moon on Instagram

Bark At The Moon supplied us with these Premium Chicken Jerky Treats but that in no way influences or sways our opinion and thoughts.



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